Friday, October 25, 2013

Design solutions from fast food chains

 Here we see the interesting design solutions from fast food chains and how we can use less harmful fries cancer of the human body and that we actually need to reduce the intake amount of fries .

But on the other hand, let's have fun , this design does the cap of drink is very interesting with the car and the straw that looks like the exhaust of the car and the way dizaynerita us it presented a very innovative and interesting.

Below we see and fries that form a variety of fun shapes and see that except for eating can be used for many interesting visualization and this design is really interesting and created laughter among the people.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High and pretty Lounge in Oslo

 A sitting high and pretty stiff for a lounge that is distinguished by the particular contents of finish: available in armchair, 2 seater, 3 seater, corner sectional.
Available versions sofa bed.

Materials: Wooden frame with 10 year warranty. Padding in differentiated density polyurethane foam, dacron and down back cushions for added comfort. Removable partial leather upholstery, fabric completely removable.

Notes: Tailored to the centimeter at no extra charge.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The main features of the modular sofa Dream are certainly design that recalls classic lines, comfort, seat pitch and given by the particular choice of pillows, with geometric and floral character combined with soft fabric chosen for the coating.
A sofa majestic and fascinating character of the environment.

Materials: fabric sofa available exclusively. The seat upholstery is made of polyurethane, the cushions are in goose down is. Teak feet.

The line of the sofa Skyline

 The line of the sofa Skyline is contained in a plastic form and moved by the defined characteristic shape of the armrests. Skyline is available in versions with two or three places with armchairs coordinates. Also available with two-tone finish.

Materials: Upholstery, leather only, is available in a wide choice of colors and thicknesses. Polyurethane foam padding.

And music for your relaxation: it is not just a metaphor.
The M-Sofa couch in addition to having the seat and headrest reclining mechanism with electric or manual, can be fitted with a built-in stereo amplifier and speaker who uses your smartphone or any other MP3 device with a USB or AUX as the source sound.
Not just a sofa with modern lines, but a real system to ensure the physical and mental relaxation.

Materials: Available in leather and fabric as per sample.

Perfect balance between clean lines and modern taste

 Example of perfect balance between clean lines and modern taste. Generous proportions and folding headrests are winning elements in a model that, over the line offers modern sophisticated aesthetics and functionality.

Materials: Structure of spruce with reinforced panels in wood agglomerate. Polyurethane foam padding and seat support with elastic straps. Leather upholstery.

Friday, March 23, 2012

This room has been fully designed to accommodate the home theater

 Home theater in Canton Ticino

  This room has been fully designed to accommodate the home theater of a Swiss client. The project was carried out taking care all the needs that such an environment entails: the distance of the cabinet that houses the projector and the placement of the sofa only to the wall were calculated to provide optimal viewing. Also we can notice the different "steps" of the shelves of the two cabinets: the cabinet wall shelves for the DVD has a greater frequency than the double face bookcase that also includes a base plate placed behind the sofa designed as a support for objects, drinks etc. .

Materials: natural oak furniture. Sofa covered with fabric.