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Decorating with garden furniture

For those lucky enough to have a house with open spaces, garden furniture is a key component to make its exclusive habitat and comfortable, are the filter passage between the inside and outside. And as they say usually, a beautiful garden and nice on the house says a lot about who lives there as well.
After a day of work it's nice to go to sleep alone or along side of a loved one in a comfortable bed. Just comfort should be the slogan that accompanies the choice of furniture for the bedroom. Combine this feature is to design the daunting task of dealing with interior designers to design furniture for the bedroom.
Alternatives abound, the beds can be wood, metal or textiles. The real wood veneers, can go from classic to modern, depending on the colors. The bed in wrought iron or brass instead has features even more classic than the bed fabric, more suited to a modern style furniture.
Besides the bed it is important to choose the table, if there is enough space and the cabinet, which can vary from the typical to the most innovative door wardrobe closets or cabinets to the wall, that is so collect for their feature saves space.

Rocking in the garden

Your garden as a corner of paradise you've always dreamed of. Where you can enjoy your moments of relax, read, listen to your favorite music ... and where else but on a swing style perfectly with your garden furniture? Choose it means to think about purchasing needs, and if you take it to your children, or in general to make children happy, just a swing with 4 seats and many colors. First decide how many seats your swing will have (there are swings to 2-3 and even 4 places) and especially adapts to your style furniture. That the swing is made ​​of wood or tech is important that in line with the style of all your outdoor furniture. The models? From embarrassment to choose! Ethnic, classic or extravagant swings ... the trendiest trend ... are those who will in your garden.

Kama Egoparis garden furniture, outdoor style

The collection of garden furniture Kama Egoparis is certainly not the ones that go unnoticed. The elegant and refined style lends itself to furnish important terraces of houses and formal gardens, with a uqalità which is not inferior to the best interior furniture.

Designed by Benjamin Ferriol, the collection of the French garden furniture includes a modular sofa, coffee table, armchair and ottoman and a coffee table modular, and of course to the elegant and comfortable cushions that give the final touch to a line of accessories truly exceptional, whose spnendide lines do not conflict with the equally excellent functionality.

The furniture has a structure made ​​of lacquered aluminum, with a choice from a wide range of colors, combined with those of cushions and shelves.

Natural Furniture: Green Line Mazzali

The decor takes on more and more green, in keeping the need for all those consumers that require furniture for your home aesthetically attractive and sustainable for the environment.
Just respect for the environment is a must in the production of furniture Mazzali, a company with decades of experience, come to produce a collection of furniture from 100% natural: the Green Line.

The different pieces of furniture that make up this collection are painted exclusively with products that cut emissions of solvents up to 90%. The paints that are traditionally used, unlike those used by the company, releasing solvents into the air in your home even two years. Aim for this, on paints with low environmental impact and reduce the impact on the nature of the company, can offer more guarantees of health for its customers.

Last but not least, Mazzali is distinguished by the choice of materials used. The wood used in the production of furniture is, in fact, a reforestation program and from Italy, Europe, Canada and the United States. As many as 70% of the cabinets, and even 100% of the beds produced by the company, are Natural Furniture.

With Mazzali began a new era for the bedroom furniture made ​​in Italy, where design, environmental sustainability and respect for the person come together in perfect harmony.

The modern bedroom

All the bedrooms made ​​from the most modern 'big names in international design have in common the same characteristics: modularity' and geometric 'of furniture, accessories and decorations, optimization of space, clean lines.

We must create a bright, airy, simple but with character. Little furniture and few decorations, curtains or maybe "packet". Using soft colors in contrast with each other creating dimensionality 'without adding, instead of using too much red or dark brown you might risk falling into error by developing an environment is "difficult to digest" and unfit to rest.

Day and night, in a room

Black and White Modern furnish design
Day and night, in a room
In smaller homes is a necessary way. But it becomes a dynamic alternative in a great environment. We are talking about the contamination of environment day and night, upholstered furniture and enhanced by versatile and "double face": day bed, day bed, sofa beds, or beds without headboard island to be put anywhere in the room. Date mobile offers all-around, a bed designed to be placed also in the middle of the room. E 'characterized by the presence on the 4 sides of open space, drawer side opening system to "push" and head compartment with flap opening. To contain objects, lamps and TV support, and why not, even divide a large room. Contamination is summarized in the new proposals for Molteni & C: entries are called Night & Day, and is a seating system based on the theme of versatility, the ability to interpret the spaces through innovative solutions. The different solutions designed by the inspiration Patricia Urquiola - important sofa, chaise lounge or comfortable single bed - all are based on the idea of ​​transformation. Unlimited colors, sizes, adjustable backrests and accessories, to contain or display everyday objects can be combined to solve every problem of space and taste. But the real news is Wish: designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is part of the Wood, a tribute to the beauty, spontaneity, strength of wood. Wish bed in solid wood with clean lines and refined, has a soft cushion for the head, in fabric or leather, that combine with the wood frame: dark oak, gray oak, wenge or walnut. Elements completely removable. The beds are equipped with bench-seating, tables-container-valet sessions. Why, the bedroom should be comfortable. So Merdian think a bed, as Rogers, with its padded feet, the same fabric, so it looks like one.

The bed streamlines for lessons of seduction
Goodbye big heads and large, the angular contours ingrombranti (especially if you do not have much space available): the beds become thinner, and reduce the form without losing comfort. And the furniture? Disappeared. Wardrobes, bedside tables, chests of drawers, all relegated to a closet ad-hoc, not to stifle an already reduced. As proposed by Alivar rooms: a large head, unlike what has been said before, but a steel bed frame that soars and assoglia forms. Porro reverses the classical concept of bed: raised on 4 legs, Offshore has a thin head and jointed.

The round bed stuffed Infinity

Round modern Bed
When last year I started writing this blog devoted to furniture and interior design I have asked some "rule" aimed at the "goals": one of these self-imposed rules suggests as much as possible to avoid writing articles about to individual products at the bottom of our collections ... for this is already a catalog rather movable "broad and deep" (to use a definition purely business).

It was April 10, 2007, however, when, driven by the enormous success of Histoire d'O, I wrote a post on round beds that to be just after the debut of this blog, you have to admit it was rather "Web 2.0" talk quietly in also round beds "competitors" ... then it is obvious that with a little 'Business parochialism I healthy water to my mill, but the "information dissemination" was made, however ;-)

And 'now with great pleasure that "breaks" to regulate the above to introduce the Infinity upholstered round bed, a bed of Histoire d'O shares the exclusive (and patented) system of rotation exceeds the supply but in the eyes of those who love the upholstered beds.
Available upholstered in fabric, leather and imitation leather is perfectly coordinated solutions for mobile read-back of linear and angular.
Here is just an "appetizer" of what you too can do for your bedroom with Infinity.

Home furnishings: bedroom

The love nest of each house is the bedroom

A place that must meet the needs of the couple from a practical point of view, aesthetic and emotional. We must choose carefully because anything that is not functional at rest can take of "damage".

And 'protagonist, will be modern or ancient, iron, wood, fabric. It can be placed in different positions: parallel to the window, perpendicular to it, or in the middle of the room "island". You choose if you have the pleasure of watching him outside where he could support the cabinet.

In the more modern houses will be replaced by a wardrobe closet. But if you can not get this space, you can choose a cabinet doors in multi-colored walls combined with so you do not make it too heavy.

The dresser is used little. The only accepted is the old one. Honestly, those in poor art or modern art are not beautiful: you assessed the need.

The mattress, however, can be wool, latex, polyurethane, spring or mixed composition. A proper support is provided mainly from latex or polyurethane and pocket sprung .. The ideal is that the mattress is between 15 and 20 cm. Try to stay in these measures. The boards are better than the classical network, now in disuse, because they guarantee a good sleep and good hygiene.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 more practical and innovative shower systems

The shower is no longer just a practical accessory for the bathroom - it is a way to relax your senses and enjoy the gentle caress of the water. Here are some practical, ecological and innovative ideas to this important accessory, designed to care for man and nature.
In this creative shower is built into its wall aquarium. It can be seen from the outside and inside the cabin, and sea creates mood. So while swimming, the owner can feel like swimming in the ocean, among colorful fish and sea plants. The sector creates a semi-transparent window to the bathroom, so the cabin is not completely isolated from the room.

Eco idea is recreated through this spectacular shower with an innovative system for water purification. The work of designer Jun Yasumoto, accessory purified and reused for bathing water, saving valuable resources. Conceptual shower system includes sector bathing surrounded by greenery, recreating a small river ecosystem. Plants purify air and water, filter bacteria and heavy metals. The shower gives the feeling of swimming among the lake.

This shower has a simple system that changed the colors flow through sensors that calculate the water temperature. Cold spray is a green tint, and when is red hot. There are also several additional tones - yellow, purple, pink and blue to indicate the boundary temperatures.

This shower is a real luxury for the body. It includes 18 chapters in various locations, with different functions. Strings are top and side, so do whole body massage. There's even a stream - a fountain that erupts from the ground like a geyser. The settings of the shower stall can be changed as water temperature, spray pressure and so on. The price of this product is quite salty - $ 100,000.

The modern design of the soul is shaped like an arch. Minimalist accessory is a new concept in interior design that saves water and energy. The combination of design and function include a system for recycling water used by eco environmental responsibility.

Folding shower is mounted on the bathroom wall system, which unfolds in two parts - on a channel and top shower head and curtain holder. The system is fully built, along with drains. It saves space in small rooms, as when not in use, accessory to the wall retracts in seconds.

This modern design such as functionality includes shower and bath. The base of the soul turns to be transformed from a bath in the shower with built-in wall system. Thus saving space in small bathrooms. Soft lines make it suitable accessory to accent any decor, modern or traditional.

The cabin is lined with heat-sensitive glass tiles that change shades depending on its temperature. In this way you can test the water before entering the shower. The setting is made by the owner to the desired temperature and a degree more or less may be shown by color. There are three different degrees of water temperature, each with a different color. The price, however, only one plate is $ 33.

This interesting shower consists of several tentacles with jets of water. They can be moved and adjusted to achieve maximum comfort in bathing. Flexible tentacles can be bent in any direction without worrying about damage.

The new sliding doors to save space

In a house that has more importance is the space, to earn one of the best ways is to remove the hinged door that necessarily takes away space for additional furniture until. In this regard we present the new door hardware Johnston who invented the door hardware, the sliding door. This new door saves space in your home and offer a room that is more functional and spacious.
How does the hardware port, not to be confused with pocket doors that slide into a wall, their system is known as track-and-roller, that is the system that attaches directly to the wall, with easy installation and a Quick and easy operation. The series that allows this type of mounting hardware 200 is the 2610F. This mounting system is ideal for walls made of brick or concrete block, wood or framed for the walls that contain pipes or electrical cables that make it difficult and costly installation of traditional pocket doors and also for those looking for a new door for a big change at home, but with minimal effort.

The door hardware saves valuable space: Unlike a normal hinged door that requires 1 to 3 square feet to open a door fitted with the series 2610F 200WM or hardware occupies a little more than the thickness of the door . This will make it possible to furnish the space previously occupied by the door with chairs, tables or desks placing them next to the door without interfering with the operation of the door.
It 'easy to follow installation instructions, so much easier to not even need to have a professional installer. But the door hardware is the answer to the complete restoration of the space, so much so that you can imagine the many possibilities that we now have, both for the design and decor of your home that does not suffer from difficulties in the area, but especially for children's rooms that will also benefit of space to roam, play, or even make mobile games directly next to the doors. The new door is the answer to the functionality of your rooms.

Johnston Hardware has developed creative solutions for the interior of your home. It takes little to understand how many rooms and how many spaces can benefit from inside your home. Bathrooms, kitchens, halls, closets, storage / closets, garage entrances, game rooms and home offices are all sectors that could benefit from it. With imagination and creativity can be made and put on the market for doors that reduce the difficulties for the disabled. Try it for yourself to consider the doors of Johnston Hardware, you'll find a lot more room for new furniture solutions.

Modern design furniture for small spaces

Modern and Practical
And 'know that half of the total population lives in cities of the world, with all that that implies, for example, increased consumption of fast food-equals-obesity, increasing urban violence and, of course, the 'accelerated urbanization. This rapid growth increases the number of homes, but can reduce the square footage. That's why people see the need to make the most of available space, either by inventing systems containing 24 rooms in a modular, or using mobile devices such as transformers, one thing became another to solve more than a necessity at home, while saving space.

How many of you probably start to fight or already suffering from problems of land on this occasion, it is about six projects proposed modular furniture. With more than one use, these proposals will help us solve the problems of space, but without losing the style, so they are also an excellent choice for the home.
Of all the initiatives which we will discuss today, is the most interesting Matroska. With blocks of wood and the use of a few square meters, is able to transform an area of ​​a living room, one double bed. From personal experience, I think that would be ideal for students because of its simplicity and because I suppose that could be very cheap. As the name suggests, the concept is a mobile system that is nested together, as the famous Russian dolls. In its most compressed it takes up only four square feet, breaks in various combination that include a bed, wardrobe, drawers of clothing, a desk, bookcase, coffee table, sofa, table and chairs for twelve people.distribution throughout the world.

Ozzio This table is my favorite of the list, so simple that it seems to make a dining table for 6 people and is really nice. The Deco Console Table is a versatile table with an aluminum telescopic mechanism allows three possible extensions and three sizes to fit any space and any function. Frame in lacquered wood in white and black, while the details are elegantly decorated with Swarovski crystals to add a touch of luxury. The really nice feature of this extension table is that you only need a table to accommodate multi-use console, dining table and dining table, all in one, reducing clutter in the house and optimization features.

Remember the table that becomes a table that we presented some time ago? Well, this desk is a bit 'similar, only instead of becoming a desk, table, or in this case, the desk becomes a kind of shelf 15 inches deep. For its size, the desktop is ideal to review the payments and utility bills, home or play comfortably on your laptop. This "Roof" opens on a desktop, but also includes office equipment racks, slots for file folders and a cork board for notes. In addition to being a piece ideal for small families, can do wonders in hotel rooms.

During this short list we have seen tables that can be converted to large tables or shelves. Continuing this trend is Trick, a shelf that can be decomposed into a small table for two. Its concept is very simple, but for this, is a very attractive furniture. Unfortunately there is no information on the production and sale of the product, but how many of the things we've seen , it is very easy to replicate with some basic carpentry skills and creativity.

This chair is a solution to a common problem: throw a party at your house, do not know how, but suddenly you have more visitors than chairs. With the shop chair no problem, because in a modern and elegant thin piece, is a second chair. Modeled after the shop chair, the piece is carefully hides like a second skin, waiting to emerge when needed - Russian dolls, as we mentioned earlier. Best of all is that once separated the two chairs, the former can be used to store magazines or books. I can proudly say that the archive of the chair is a Mexican Zanic led project design. No information is available on its production, but soon I hope to see in furniture stores.

Complete a department in a Box
Although he has many years around the internet, I left the project Casulo off this list. The work of Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser, Casulo is nothing more than a small box that contains all the necessary furniture for a room or small apartment, a wardrobe, a height-adjustable bench, normal two banks, a bookstore shelves of 6 and a bed. Two people can lift, carry and fit in just 10 minutes, each piece carefully fitted into a box of only 80 to 120 cm. Since it requires no tools for assembly, the project is much more attractive. I remember that in those days had to go to college and I found a great alternative for students who live alone, far from their original homes and no money to spend on furniture. Above all, it is ideal for those who must move frequently. Of course, comfort is not an adjective that emphasizes early view of the mobile Casulo. A pity that the project was not supported, I'm sure you can easily find its niche.
Well, those were all projects to date, because the alternatives are likely to continue emerging to help solving the lack of space in our homes. As always, if you want to contribute something to this list a comment and take the opportunity to tell us what would have been his preferred alternative?


For offices, waiting room, for the home audience also gets a lot .. I'm talking about ... EIGHT x 4!
EIGHT is a nice mid-room sofa a thousand uses, adaptable to all environments between work and home, usable in any position and the center of attention.
Could be classified among the sofas and armchairs that among for its innovative design, is a fine piece of furniture that brightens our homes or even makes us recall a lot of space. In fact, thanks to its bizarre forms, secure your EIGHT must be placed at the center of the room, to avoid those horrible empty with a table and carpet!
It can also become refined, changing color and fabric! It can also be combined with armchairs and sofas pendant.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shower and laundry compact 2011

Kitchens compact, folding furniture, folding beds

This is the Compact Laundry / Shower Combo Cabin deposits signature.

This company has distinguished itself in this fabulous creation that offers a true multi-attractive solution in which one can be a comfortable size shower and a small space for a washing machine and shelves. Created resistant materials and classic design, but with modern touches, this shower laundry is without doubt an excellent choice for those who want to save space in their homes. If you do not have a sink, can probably now have a place to wash clothes in the bathroom can be the solution you've been waiting for.

Feel free to visit the site by clicking here deposits and learn more about this wonderful creation that has come to make our lives easier but no less comfortable.

Chair and a bookcase, a case of dual-use to save space

Josip here have seen and various furniture for small spaces, furnishings that offer an alternative for those of us who live in places not too wide, but we need a certain amount of basic furniture.
I remember when I lived in a smaller apartment in the house where I live now, I've always had trouble putting my books due to lack of space to find a bookseller during the time you live there, all my books were in constant rotation , went from boxes of tables, desks and tables, sometimes I had them stacked on the floor. And is that what you do when there is simply no more room for something more? When you turn real around you and you realize that there is not enough or for you.
For these issues, the multidisciplinary study Fishbol Fishtnk +, uses space and designed with a purpose and aesthetics. Chair Bookseat easy to place, in addition to serving as a seat, is also a bookseller. Yes, a bookseller to order all these books have a place to live homeless.

In addition to being able to accept this order of the alphabet as I have always proposed, as it is very convenient to have your choice of favorite works available to a rotation or stretching of limbs is not very complicated. What happens if I am not sure that is how it can become comfortable sitting there for hours, because I feel that it is not very ergonomic say. In short, all that creativity can not solve.

Wall Transformer for brevity

The transformer on the wall to save space
When you want to point out the invalidity of some of the facts, then we say that they are taken from the ceiling. But Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus designers created a suite of furniture, walls Flatform transformer 322, which will be taken ... with the wall. Or rather, to a certain time he will be part of the wall. As long as you do not need a chair, a table, shelf or lamp, and then all of this together.

The transformer on the wall to save space.
What is the point to keep in the room overall table, chair and other furniture which, when used occasionally? Especially when it comes to small apartments of Soviet construction, where a barely read, let alone with a table in the room can not turn at all.

transformer wall to save space.
That in order to save space in the room, designer Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus and created mobile Flatform 322. Its base is made of metal and plastic, and the outside front of the room, made of recycled cardboard.

The transformer on the wall to save space.
From the outside this is easy to make a table, a chair and some shelves. Within this headset is built the clock and lighting the lamp. A few seconds will need a series of unusual furniture, get in "operational readiness." And a few seconds to put everything in place.

Wall Transformer for brevity
Something like we saw so long ago in the pages of our site. But there was a kitchen, and, as a strong, stationary materials. And, because it seemed very controversial and impractical.
Of course, the board - is not very strong material that is easily broken, torn. That's why the outer part 322 and the fact Flatform removable and replaceable. Cost of the replacement part will be a hundredth of a carton.
Wall Transformer for brevity
It 'hard to say what a more Flatform 322 - practicality and impracticality. Every man must decide for himself if he needed furniture, space saving, or not.

Solid double bed Disappearance

Bed Solid Double, bunk bed furniture furniture made ​​from real wood shingle spruce.

Two folding beds horizontally, with a simple and ingenious mechanism to save space. Furniture bunk bed in solid wood, perfect for true classic rooms and houses in the mountains, you may close to close in just 34 inches deep. Two bunk beds designed for everyday use, with slatted frames and mattresses up to 19 cm high and standard-sized 80 × 190.

Save space | Functional modern Furniture

Save space, functional furniture, designed to be useful. Ideal for small spaces or if you like original furniture and practices. Save space, functional furniture.
The furnishings were designed to perform different functions. modern tables with storage, ottoman convertible bed, furniture shoemakers seem a large dressing room capacity.
In an age where technology is integrated functional furniture is the answer, that combines different styles of furniture and intelligent design.
A piece of furniture saves space, offering more options, suited to the lifestyle. Large surfaces such as store have strongly encouraged the design of functional furniture.

For years in the kitchen and use the book tables folding type that you play and give you more space, or folding tables that are attached to the wall and use it when needed. Are now functional furniture in the living room or bedroom.
Several tables with drawers, hardware that will lift a side of the table and make it a sort of table if you want to eat, watch TV, or if you want support and laptops.
Tables within them are other smaller tables. In one room you have different tables,
if you need it.
When you need more capacity to spread easily...

Sofa beds, sofa days night a comfortable bed. In one room there are two options.
Pull-out bed in another bedroom and large drawers for storing many things. Beanbags are distributed and become a bench or in a small bed for emergencies.
Folding beds, ideal for saving space in apartments or rooms. Pleated bed days as a closet and the room is vacant. Pullman beds with desk and shelves built.