Sunday, December 12, 2010

Modern Orange Furniture

Orange Modern Design
The apartment impresses with imagination and the combination of colors, shapes and materials. Without specific changes in the distribution team of Acherno holding the overall vision of the apartment paying him a small but important place to hide all unpleasant cables and installation of a water jacket of the fireplace, but the site itself is only a few square and behind the fireplace . Also separates and office that is separate from the living room with glass door and wall that serves as a decorative wall of the living room on which stands the television. Part of this wall is dressed in deep red color, which contrasts white minimalist dresser, sits on the neo-baroque curved metal legs that make it an eclectic furniture distinguished by color and siuet with the red wall.
Apartment 100 m2 is not small and not very much. Eclecticism. So are its owners - eclectic or at least one of them
Simple things with simple accents - painted wood chandelier or a beautiful neo-baroque frame. It's like a little black dress, simple but classic necklace with diamonds, incredible and protruding against the dress.
A background should always be. The apartments are like paintings. Rooms are . Modern Furniture is background. Is your composition, there are colors.
This picture is a mix of styles and mix of textures and materials. Importantly, however, everything was in place.

All modular furniture we have them we do on the model to completion.
Fantasy, sensuality and caught playing with styles turned this apartment into a modern fairy tale, told in an eclectic manner. The combination of modern clean shapes and neoclassical elements form the atmosphere of home.
We present one of many completed projects in the studio for interior design "Acherno" - a young enthusiastic team who loves to experiment without limits in style.

Orange Snaidero, a kitchen with clear ideas, revolutionary in its simplicity.
Orange is the hallmark of the continuity between one element and the other with his throat in the structure. Columns in the throat develops into a full-height vertical continuum, and it has clean lines thanks to retractable handle which also ensures comfortable and ergonomic opening. Also notable is the balance of proportion with work top and sides of a thickness of 1.3 which is counterbalanced by the increased thickness of the gate.

The technical conception of Orange leads to an extraordinary compositional flexibility. Orange eliminates the concept of "outsize" allowing the development of multiple solutions with the flexibility in height and width.
Orange is really for people: perfect organization of the interior solutions for large and small facilities. The midway area is equipped with functional accessories: from the coffee machine element carries letters from the magnetic board to a highly integrated multimedia platform with modern cooking, with iPod, MP3, LCD screens with integrated DVD player, USB port and card SD to see photos, movies, MP3 files.
The opening to the living of the Orange project is also confirmed by the inclusion of tables, benches, stools, open elements that reflect the simplicity and naturalness of the lines: a selection of original and sophisticated fabrics to mark Ken Scott used to select these additions.
The Kitchen Orange, finally, will amaze you with the competitiveness of its affordable prices, the result of great importance for a high quality product like Snaidero, obtained through a comprehensive review of production processes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Modern interior living room design
Cozy place with fresh food and modern design. So the shortest way of describing the newly opened bistro The Golden Apple in the Sofia district of Modern Interior Design. Although the neighborhood is located in a small street between housing associations, you can not do . White face with a large glass case inside reveals a small part of what awaits inside. The restaurant has two levels with two diametrically opposed interior. The first resembles a French bistro. Smoked tones artificially distressed furniture and subdued lighting returning guests in the early twentieth century atmosphere is romantic modern design and at the same time kind of doll. This feeling is reinforced by using the enhancement-cushions on sofas, woven baskets for menus and neat of furniture.

Modern interior design style is clear cubic forms in bright lighting and the contrast of black and white. The general feeling is urban chic. Clean even a little sterile chic, but in full harmony with the dynamics of everyday life. This place more conducive to rapid business meeting or lunch with friends in the style of "Sex and chest.

Fantasy - a word that explicates in my mind when I look how this small space is furnished with such a deliberate style and taste, how simple things have become impressive accents and reinforce the feeling of comfort and relaxation in corner of this room.

Here's how the designers have achieved here this amazing effect. To start with, of course could not leave ordinary walls to entail the mediocrity, so using plasterboard constructions built an inner wall of modern world design, which optically and spatially narrow space and it makes it oh - and retracted. The lighter shade of additional construction export it further furniture forward and creates a pleasant feeling of contrast against the background of gold - beige base.

Most design of modern furniture - makes a big impression here play with light, which turned into a true culmination of design tricks. Fluorescent tubes placed behind the plasterboard with yellowing create so pleasant glow like a sunset in the hands clenched and tucked somewhere behind that wall. Soothing atmosphere coexist with modernity and clean modern interior Design.Design, lavish and mild in the current furniture in beige and plain table and television cabinet. Nothing more, nothing superfluous in the furniture, anything to divert focus from the original solutions in the decoration of lights.

We can not not notice the magnificent carpet with long hair who was hit in contemporary , where usually seek ease of cleaning, at the expense of comfort and warmth. For this host here will pamper your feet in soft bedding. Colored patterns in the carpet, in perfect combination with the tablecloth and in contrast with the others - light colors in the room.

Here's how it is determined here and the Chinese wall rather than ordinary curtains, in line with the overall extravagant style modern windows is here to put this wall. Again using the structures of plasterboard, which not only serve to attach the sliding wall, but once again demonstrate how using light to create an effect. As a real grounds on the middle part of the Chinese wall, act as a spa - therapy on the weary senses.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Tale of Two Worlds, about three brothers and a golden apple combined in modern and cozy.

Modern Vision Design
Collision, refraction, stroke, cleavage. Clash is an action in which two bodies interact, and each of the forces acting on the same size but opposite direction in another force of modern interior design.
And what would happen if two worlds collide? What would be received and what would result?
I'll tell a tale of two worlds, about three brothers and a golden apple.

Once upon a time a kingdom, a little - there is no 60 m2. It was very run-down, almost destroyed and abandoned. Former King fought before and now is another King was ascended the throne of this modern design world of furniture. He walked around the kingdom and was wondering how to fix it, how to renovate and bring back people and life in it. Decided that we should hire architects and designers from other UK, and decided very good chef to hire for any UK where no chef.

First we had to decide how to look the kingdom and what people like King to live in it. King wondered long offered its various decisions, he contemplated them, but still was at a crossroads. Calm Kingdom, modern Kingdom enchanting Kingdom cozy Kingdom, but King wondered I wondered. I struggled between their desire for modern and contemporary UK, but thought about and the old castle and cozy, tucked away lands nine in ten. Filled with romance and relaxation. With cellar offers the best real wines and dishes from refined more sophisticated. Quail with rosemary and sauteed fresh fries. Beef melt in the mouth and vegetables with butter-braised, but left with crispy fresh herbs. Did King sketches and drawings and then hired designers offered his solution. To collide two worlds, two perceptions and create a joint UK where there is room for both worlds. Why should the king be limited to one after the still was king - there may be everything. Then everything became easier. Remains only to recreate it. Refer the matter to join them to find skilled craftsmen to set up everything. It stained and to breathe life of modern furniture interior design.

Kingdom split into two - upper and lower. The above was modern Kingdom. Black and white and contrast in the modern world full of contrasts and contradictions. Here there is some measure detail that reminded bygone world filled with magic, a world in which the piece is saying something. In which everything is made by hand and knew the true value of.This black and white world, most things were polished and shone. Shiny and reflective. Because in the modern world it is liked. Shiny surfaces on which people are looking to see the surface to reflect them to see them and others. World in which people who have been forgotten, so they needed to watch and looking for not quite forgotten. Compare and discussed and constantly asked her magic mirror "Mirror, Mirror in January tell who is most beautiful in the world and makes the most beautiful squares. Or is it my neighbor?
In this world, the lights were bright and everything was on display. People's lives, what it ate, who were on the table, who wrote with whom you met when you were drunk or who recently have modern interior design could not see him enough to one another. The masses were small because people have increasingly less need for others and from being together really. Eating fast and move on without time to assess.

In the lower Kingdom was the opposite. More hidden, more secretive world. Not be seen as soon as you enter the realm. There or have someone take you or to find your way to it. There things were true or at least such masters like to make them. Real wood. Matte surfaces in which no shadows and reflections. There, everything was muted to give way to another. Conversation or feeling. You're there with someone. You want this time to stay and remember it. Because you know that this is most important. Not the world that surrounds you, not the surface that may be around this modern interior design. And someone's eyes they see and can be found in them. And the moment that will remain. Such was the lower kingdom. World of magic and feel.

Not told of their brothers and golden apple. It nobody knows where it is only legends wore around the kingdom. Not knowing can cook and it is used in some apple pie by mistake. In the upper world were only trees and other signs of the golden apple. They say that there were hidden cards and finding. They say it was hidden somewhere deep in the lower world, guarded by our own demons. The road to it was difficult. Most people do not like to look, had to abandon the upper world to go down to the bottom, and most had forgotten the road. Moreover, most believers of fairy tales that the chef cooked in January was in error. And we believe we can even eat it, so why they were ever to do so.

So ends this tale, and if you go to discover other worlds you can visit these two at least as a start and look for the golden apple of modern interior furniture design. As you continue the story as you find fit.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Most importantly, home is the feeling that brings

Furniture Modern Design
We believe that everything can be transmitted soul of modern interior design, that every thing can bring a fraction of what is incorporated in it. We believe that the souls of the homes reflect their owners, or so we'd like to be design. We can make at least one such, will be our great pleasure of furniture. We want to have a way to look at the man to peek in and take out his soul on display. As the body is the home of our souls and our homes are repositories of our bodies. Should affect each other, rather than reflect world trends, or its claims
We do not believe in making housing pipeline. We do not believe in discerning homes. Do not believe a house should have any claims. Before we believed that if properly combine colors and shapes, if everything is functional then everything is fine. There composition is harmony and modern interior design - a house or incorporate design products of the highest class and ensure your high-end home.
I believe that someday we will be able to extract and deliver the soul of a home that will properly reflect the person to whom it is and will be in harmony with itself and interior. We know it's difficult, that requires great confidence that everything is not always the way it is in our heads. But this is the path you will take and we want to go. We know that many times things will not happen as they want or see a number of reasons and dependent and independent of us.

It has happened in some of the things we've been able to. But know that you even better.
This home is one example where we think we have to reflect part of the person or at least hope so. We will not tell you much about the dwelling itself, what, how, why, and will tell about what it and bare. What made things happen that way.
It brings calmness and warmth. What brings a sense of security and protection. Not aggressively, calmly and reasonably that is in it nothing they threaten nothing pulls.
Here's how it all happened.
The meeting was a very hot day. I had to go from one end of the meeting in Sofia on the other.
We met a lady who smiled warmly. When two people meet, they decide whether and still not know it. We wanted to work with these people.They know about modern interior design. Because as they choose us and we choose them. Process is mutual if both sides do not like no connection.

A few days later started working. And she and her boyfriend wanted their home to be comfortable to be in soft tones to hem is both bright dark by interior. And rolled associations - land, sunflowers, sun, classes of wheat. Again, land, rain, morning in the summer. Essen, ripe sunflower. Also, Morocco, colorful pillows, something in which to sink. We wanted to create a feeling of autumn plowed land ripe sunflowers. Sunflowers our work relaxing. Sit in one place and monitor the Sun. Know his way, yet tracked it every day. We wanted to look hot in winter. I imagined how big window and rain. How block opposite is lit as jumbled puzzle windows that illuminate the snowflakes and they flashed a yellow light. How in the house will be bright yellow-orange lamps it will reflect the warm light that falls on the brown will warm up from interior design. How are sitting on the couch and watch through the window talking how their day has passed. How the kitchen is the fragrance of cinnamon and apples (winter smells of cinnamon and apples, at least for us).

How in the floor a few scattered cushions on which to sit. We wanted the house to look like their owners. On the one hand selected, soft tones are always in harmony. Casual scarf and a sense of time. For many different cultures. Maybe that's why more and entangling cushions from Morocco. With splashes of color. And on the other hand for precise and thoughtful detail. For precise function layout for equipment. So with the owners built apartments. It is not great, but I do not think it necessary. There is a kitchen design that is separated from the living room with sliding glass door. Living room and dining room on one. Entrance to look to the living room and door to the toilet. Corridor to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Customers came to the idea of purple, what meals they want and that must have a fireplace. So things are rotated around them. Were starting points around which to build the rest. Pieces of the puzzle, which interfere each other. The idea was to have several colors purple. This is in the kitchen coupled with white. Also purple curtains and purple coat. Other elements are white or light. Fire we made a triangular it can be seen from the couch and to the dining table. Characteristic in the living room were rounded elements. They started on the selected furniture - kitchen, which has rounded doors. We rounded shapes on the ceiling. The walls were also rounded to allow the walls to blend smoothly from floor to ceiling.

The kitchen occupies a relatively large area of living, but because it is a niche that can be seen only from the dining table and so it is not intrusive. Dining table will be extensible to accommodate at least eight people. Chairs to it also have round shaped backs.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mega Slide
Description: The classic plain door handle in its contemporary version: the handle disappears and is integrated in the thickness of a creek through dedicated ergonomic knurled for easy grip.
The leaf thickness important, moved rhythmically from front cuts, free all his emotion through the natural grain of the elegance of oak or lacquered.
Materials: Available in matt lacquer, polished, oak, material and painted glass in various colors.


Will write several articles about the most important components in our building an interior. How they affect our perceptions and what relation do we have them. Because ultimately it's all about perspective and attitude. I will not talk about specific tips and suggestions. Just to express our vision of light, color, size, texture and atmosphere. For our five.
Light is the main unit in an interior. It is magic in it. It depends how you perceive the color of your wall or what feeling will be in a room. It depends on mood depend on volumes.

As taught us one time in painting. Volume is only composed of light and shadow. And the boundaries between them. Volume has no end, no edge, no line. There are just boundary between light and shadow and that it builds. This makes us see things a certain way. Light is as a conductor, to intervene anywhere it can be so mean to manipulate both the facts and results. So for us it is based. It is what if a project is under control makes it good. And if a designer possesses, it is to say under command. You can manipulate both colors and volumes and sensations. Be free to speak up.

BUT, there's always a but. Light is the most difficult to.She is what the designers at least understand. It is what is most difficult to obey. Most difficult to predict the results. Is science able to make accounts. In fact, everything could be reduced to mathematics. Can be calculated lighting luxury, Watts light absorption. And the result can be almost predictable. Almost always there is an element of surprise. Light can always surprise you.
In 90% of how things happen. Relies on a few things. First thing you already tried and know what will happen. Second general rules for lighting. Third principle of trial and error. The only way to get something interesting to experiment. To try and test. Because there are too many factor .Po what time of day you're there. What is the current season. What is it about building. What are the colors in the room. What are the furniture - like worlds and volumes, etc. Even if you calculated the part of them, you can always take you to another. The good news is that there is a human quality called designers have it. May take into account all indicators enjoy even if it is subconscious and provide results. Almost!

Some time ago we did an experiment. Two people, one of the School of Mathematics and one of Art. To draw multiple cube in perspective. Man knew the rules of mathematical perspective - horizon, vanishing point, etc. Both began to draw the cube. What happened - and they draw them properly, but simply by human art paint them almost immediately, while the mathematics he needed some time to calculate them. My thought was that almost everything there are two ways to do it - or feel or to calculate.

If you want to describe the modern home with just one word, it certainly would be "simplicity". This naturally does not mean that interior design should not necessarily boring and monotonous. It is true that according to contemporary furniture trends relies on clean lines, neutral color palettes and geometric shapes dominate, but if this is all designed with flair, taste and attention to detail, your home can be anything but boring. Under the right combination of space, colors, fabrics and accessories, modern decor can turn your home into a warm, welcoming, comfortable and stylish place.

By itself it is clear that modern design and decor are not achieved by simply go to the store and buy furniture with clean lines. You'll need to make more effort to learn more about current trends and routines. To save you some time, we decided to dedicate this article to say a few ideas for stylish and elegant contemporary design for your home.

Give nature of space. It is amazing how the introduction of one color or broken element in an otherwise neutral palette can add lots of charm and strong radiation of the room. Do not hesitate to Experimenting with colors and furniture to build a home interior, which you will be happy, relaxed and want to share with everyone.

The creation of the modern interior is not so difficult, Coco seems at first glance. And allows the release of space, which you can do anything you want, so you feel really comfortable and at home. Only thing that you should consider are the five simple rules that you pointed out in several articles. Good luck!

If you want a modern interior, then you should pay close attention to the balcony, terrace, yard or garden, if any. You could even combine some of the rooms of the house with a backyard, you do look like a winter garden. Of course this is impossible in some homes, mostly flats in which most of us live. But for them there is a solution and it is to mimic an open space inside the room, using different colors, fabrics and furniture. You can also add a coating on the walls and windows that are in bright colors and thus create a sense of continuous open window, even if it is not.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mega cabinet

Mega cabinet with doors has a large program with different types of doors.
Pairs of panels of different thickness that magically create a handle on their meeting point.
The glass, gloss, satin or mirror reflecting sun-Stop Dark, won with all its beauty, framed by the disappearance profiles in the same finish.
The changing leaves and the vertical lines are emphasized by the rhythmic succession of profiles and handles.

To your attention today again we want to turn to luxury and large wardrobes that give your room style, grace and make your room beautiful exceptional interior design.
To your attention this exclusive design furniture wardrobe that includes six wings and the design is just incredible.
Furniture in your room should not be just furniture, it must be as stylish as anything else. For that you must try to choose the best wardrobe for you and your room to be similar to the interior design of your home and your room.

Now we see that six ecstasy wing wardrobe looks much smaller than before, but it is only in appearance. Its design is designed to contain not less things for you, but is made so that the furniture fits perfectly in your room, and the design is the last generation.
The color is white and gray and well see how it blends into the room with carpet and other furniture.White color is quite fashionable these days especially for furniture, he makes house and your room comfortable and beautiful in an amazing atmosphere of furniture last generation and final design .

And now we present something quite cleared, this design includes space for your TV so you do not need a section just wardrobe will give you everything you need space and great furniture design.

Now we see something quite innovative and rapidly entering the fashion world of furniture. It wardrobe covering all the walls in your room or just the majority of them. See iridescent gray color to white and black in all its varieties that look good in terms of furniture design is very modern and a very fine glass and mirrors.

And at the end of our publication of these incredibly beautiful and modern furniture wardrobes will show you something very interesting. You see right coat covered the whole of your wall and look like beautiful furniture and modern if that was not a wardrobe. On the left you can see in action this wonderful furniture.

All these amazing furniture is Italian, we all know the class of Italy and with regard to modern design furniture they really have no equal.
Glad to be helpful and direct you to right furniture for you and will be glad if you want to see something in particular please contact us.
E-mail address is will be happy to help in the selection of furniture and the latest generation of modern interior design.
Expect lots of new furniture for our suggestions of any kind, always modern design.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The sofa - a key element in the interior of the daily

By seating position to a symbol of hospitality and a way to express yourself in a different form, texture and color, sofa walking the long road of development of "couch" to the sleek, comfortable and beautiful furniture.
Today, sofa covers The central place not only in the living room of your home, but the cabinet office, shop, shopping centers and public buildings. His sophistication has been achieved without fine forms in carved frames of the Baroque style. Its design is now unthinkable without a sense of comfort.
The choice of sofa or a combination of upholstered furniture for the living room is a key moment in the creation of its unique interior design.

Beautiful form modules made rounded D-shape with left and right benches, U-looking, comfortable and stylish pair solutions for small and large rooms. Armrests are not necessarily two. We see them in different decisions - sometimes slightly recumbent, sometimes discrete or focused.  Part is consistent with different - sometimes with different heights in a pattern. The depth of the seat pan is not less than 90 cm in length is increasing.  Wood or metal with varying forms. Questions have both these models to see housing and a hidden.The price of the sofa is formulated from materials and precision of its craftsmanship. Modern sofa today is one that is made with high quality materials. Fillings foam with high density and elasticity (30kg/m3), goose down and silicone strands.

Materials for upholstery are primarily natural leather, plush, velvet, damask , patchwork, modern and outer seams are gorgeous  or with visible or not buttons. Current colors are white, black, brown, golden brown, eggplant, colors with ethnic patterns, gray and green of course those you like and precisely match the overall interior design.Upholstered furniture in the living room today is not hidden, is not necessarily dead-end and clinging to one wall. If you have space, do not hesitate to assign a central place on the couch in the interior of the living room. But do not forget that he is part of the rest of the interior.
Here are some suggestions from leading companies in the market for furniture to give your room its beautiful interior design.