Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cooking System communicates

 Description: Cooking System communicates an image of luxury and exclusivity, thanks to the refined combination of different materials. Definitely helps the clean lines of the project the integrated handle in aluminum.

Materials: Glass doors with polished aluminum frame. The smooth and ribbed glass is available in 12 colors. Even tops and up are available in glass samples.

Notes: Made with the same materials but without handles and with unghiature present in the kitchen Horizon Glass Modern Kitchens.

Aluminum frames with glass smooth Kitchen

 Description: The glass kitchen staved S71 offers a sampling of current colors of glass for a contemporary and competitive. Specific attributes such as islands, vanity units, counters Peninsula characterize the collection for a total modularity.

Materials: aluminum frames with glass smooth or ribbed Available in black, coffee, burgundy, red, orange, green, beige, and white satin. Also available in black aluminum frame glass door to black.

Quadra Kitchen Composision

Quadra offers a new way to interpret the kitchen in these images the composition becomes rich, thanks to angular shaped bases that create new spaces and new functional solutions.

Materials: Available in wood of walnut, light oak, dark oak, graphite oak, tobacco oak, red oak euro oak hemp also available in polished oak lacquered white, cream, red, taupe and black glass and smooth or ribbed on aluminum or wood. Shaped handle and shiny aluminum moka.

Notes: The shaped blocks in the images can also be made on the Sphere models, Zerocinque, System and Flò.

The glossy kitchen

Description: This kitchen with glossy lacquered throat shows the completeness of the budget line Horizon. The deep drawers equipped offer maximum comfort and allow optimal organization of work in the kitchen. The linear composition is divided into columns and area operational area taking up the perfect chromatic division.

Materials: Kitchen linear high gloss white and black bases. Profile of top and base in aluminum.
Available with doors in oak, walnut and larch, matt and glossy lacquered, laminated, polymer and glass smooth or ribbed. Integrated handle and base in polished aluminum, painted white and mocha lacquer.

The designer kitchen with island and columns Domus

The designer kitchen with island and columns Domus offers quality and functionality at an affordable price, in a word "value". In this composition very rigorous see the island stove and sink with the top Domus Slim of apparent thinness which is connected to the glossy shoulder-boys, the functionality of the wall with the columns is enriched by the originality of alternating between color and width of doors the pantry.

Materials: glossy lacquered Anthracite Grey, Lilac, Wisteria and White. Top in unicolor white. Gorges lacquered to match (unique feature). Available to order in various materials and colors.

Orange Snaidero Kitchen

 Orange Snaidero kitchen with clear ideas, revolutionary in its simplicity.
The hallmark of Orange is the continuity between one element and another, with groove structure. The columns in the throat develops into a full-height vertical continuum, and the clean look it has, thanks to a retractable handle, which assures comfortable and ergonomic opening. Remarkable also the proportions with worktop and side panels of thickness 1.3 which is counterbalanced by the increased thickness of the leaves.
 The technical design of Orange leads to an extraordinary compositional flexibility. Orange eliminates the concept of "oversized" allowing the development of multiple solutions with the flexibility in height and width.
Orange is really for people: perfect organization of the interior solutions for large and small facilities. The space midway is equipped with functional accessories: from the coffee machine element brings letters from the magnetic board with a modern multimedia center with highly integrated kitchen, ipod, mp3, LCD screen with integrated DVD player, USB port and card SD to see photos, movies, mp3 files.
The opening to the living of the Orange project is also confirmed by the inclusion of tables, benches, stools, open elements that reflect the simplicity and naturalness of lines: a selection of original and sophisticated fabrics branded Ken Scott used to select these complements.
The Kitchen Orange, finally, will astound you with its affordable price competitiveness, the result of great importance for a high quality product like Snaidero, obtained through a comprehensive review of production processes.
 Materials: Orange doors 22 mm thick melamine, lacquered matt or gloss, monolaccato, wood and glass matte or glossy. Drums thickness 19 mm melamine finish Scratch Igloo White, with thick rounded edges of same color. Recessed handle in satin aluminum finish, or arctic white. Worktop thickness 1.3 available in laminate, wood, quartz, solid surface and glass.
But ... does not end here, for Snaidero Kitchen Orange has gone further: ecological wood from certified reserves, water painting, the new panel of Low Emission sp. 19 mm, with very low formaldehyde emission (less than half the European standard E1).

The Code Kitchen

Description: The Code Kitchen with open days lacquer finish, original composition of the functional-looking innovation, which combines the classic elements of the kitchen as foundations, columns and wall units with Bussolotti containers per day, a new idea that shape aesthetic and functional environment .

Materials: The bases, wall units and columns lacquered glossy white lacquered opaque containers per day in various colors, handles and aluminum base, laminate top, quartz or Okite.
  Wide choice of finishes including melamine, laminate, wood ash wood or ash wood dark, glossy and matte in 28 colors.