Sunday, October 9, 2011

What should I know about fireplace


The fireplace, a symbol of elegance and good taste, offers comfort and complements your home decor. But we have been functioning without problems and above all to warm up what works. It is not the flame but the warm air induction and good radiation of metals. For this reason the empirical built fireplaces belong in the past. Today our company manufactures fireplaces heaters energy that you can heat one or more sites, consuming very little wood. Definitely one of the many models we will be suitable for you.

Bringing a site plan are at your disposal to study and design your own fireplace from the most classic to the most modern composition, providing you with all information necessary for proper operation and performance. The materials we use are most appropriate. That's why we:


We have niche artistic decorations with experienced staff and a great variety of rocks, marbles and granites, which cover all your requirements. We provide all technical information and you will help us to choose the right fireplace to suit your space.

Light the fireplace ... benefit from the ashes

Days are those who have a fireplace will turn to warm up ... But then not clean it thoroughly before you pick up the ashes of the wood. The ash is a first class natural fertilizer for your plants.

The ash in the soil raises the ph to acidic soils (for this and should not be added to oxyfila plants such as berries, the rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas are etc.) and adds potassium, calcium and trace elements.

The average content of ash in key nutrients are 0-1-3 (NPK).

What to Watch:
-It should be added to ash beds to be planted with potatoes because they favor the attack of plants by the bacterium Streptomyces scabies.
-Can be added to the compost bin especially if you throw large quantities of pine needles or other acidic materials, when it corrects the ph of the mix.
-When it comes to throwing around the base of the plant repels insects in soil and snails, provided you do not get wet.
-The addition of large amounts of ash can cause a large increase in ph (alkaline) and the concentration of salts in the soil with adverse consequences for plants.
-Use only the ash from the combustion of untreated wood.
-Do not drop ashes along with nitrogen fertilizer because nitrogen will be lost.

Summer decorating tips

You come to us a little crazy with his behavior, since in many areas until yesterday dropped enough rain, but June is just around the corner and we need to change and availability and decoration in our living room to get the climate summer.

We give you some ideas for some small touches that will change but the whole scene you.
Minimalism: The fewer the better. Avoid strong patents and contrasts that give life to the darker winter home. Prefer minimalism and subtle contrasts. The main role should be played by the natural light that is most abundant.
The windows open: Do you open your windows to ventilate your room but now that we go slowly in the Summer what better than to admire in your living room, garden or balcony you spoil?
Soft colors: Get rid of carpets and "throw" that lies on the site such as velvets and heavy throws. Choose soft and neutral tones that travel the countryside, the sea and the beach. The pink to blue and pastel colors are the must of the summer. The easiest solution? Colorful pillows and rattan furniture.
Changes: If you're tired of the color of the wall and now with the change of season you seem dull change it. If your budget does not allow you to make a painting entirely, you can simply remove the wall of many objects that weigh and replace them with some of the options offered by the wall stickers on the market. This move alone will instantly change your space. Another alternative is to change the color only in a corner or even to change and choose curtains and soft summer colors.

Small hall - how to fit all

Small room

You have a very small room and puzzled how to fit everything you want in it? Below I will try to help you with some ideas and tips to create a small place in your favorite retreat.
 Closet can easily be used as changing rooms, although close. To do this you need to put things along the wall of bars placed perpendicular to the wall, as we have seen many times in many stores. Thus a narrow closet can hold several jackets. To avoid the problem of prefer door wardrobes with sliding doors. A good suggestion is to choose the color of light for doors or even better glass mat, which will open the space visually. A workable solution is to place mirrors on the doors.

If the government does not fit the style of the room, then you can alternatively install hangers and shelves. Choose wall racks. If the room while a small square, you can put 2-3 corner hangers for floors, but not stuffy space. Another more modern solution is to set loose on a wall, but individual hooks that you can hang different length coats, scarves, handbags and other items.

You can put shelves for shoes and hats at the height of his hand. For more storage space to the width of the shelves to grow from the bottom up as a back staircase.

A bed in open flowers with mirror above can play many roles in his place and hide many small useful items inside the drawers. In front of the mirror you can put a candy jar or vase with fresh flowers. Your favorite gadgets can volepsete in beautiful boxes or baskets that you can hang on the wall or closet door decoration or nightstand.

To get the best seat in the small hall, you can choose a stool with storage space or even put a nice cushion of sound and light shoe.

Decorating trends for winter this year

This years, De trends show that dark colors, especially on the walls. One of the most popular trends is the unity of color between the wall and furniture. Dare to gray for the walls and sofas in a deeper tone. Add to this very bold, for example hats lamps, tables, vases and other ornaments. Completing a white color to be used in two major areas of your space. These colors can tie in perfectly with the white striped curtains - Grey. If you like shiny surfaces can add small touches of materials such as glass and silver.

Click to overcome and live without any objects, furniture and decorations that do not meet the above trend and philosophy. Polish silver frames of old 80s and place them in a dark wall. Always remember that silver suits in cool colors like gray and gold color, with hot like coffee.

We wish you a good warm winter!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decorating trends for winter this year

Modern and luxurious home
 This year trends show that dark colors will be modern and luxurious home. One of the most popular trends is the unity of color between the wall and furniture. Dare to gray for the walls and sofas in a deeper tone. Add to this very bold, for example hats lamps, tables, vases and other decorative objects from cavity floor for a modern and luxurious home. Completing a white color to be used in two major areas of your space. These colors can tie in perfectly with white stripes on the modern and luxurious home, curtains - Grey. If you like shiny surfaces can add small touches of materials such as glass and silver.

Click to overcome and live without any objects, furniture and decorations that do not meet the above trend and philosophy, but will make modern and luxurious home. Polish silver frames of old 80s and place them in a dark wall. Always remember that silver suits in cool colors like gray and gold color, with hot like coffee.

We wish you a good warm winter! And do modern and luxurious home.

Summer comes with ideas of hammocks for your home

Cool and modern hammocks for the summer
 When the temperature rises may increase and your desire to spend more time outdoors increases. We offer an interesting and very comfortable furniture and hammocks are just that. To do this in real comfort, I can not think of anything better than a hammock in the shade. There are so many models today hammocks that you can easily find the budget and depending on your needs, your hammock. Relaxing with a good book in a hammock is a real pleasure, believe me. You can even work there with your laptop directly into this hammock furniture, if you work at home ...
Hammocks for you and your family
 Now when the sun is, you have the perfect excuse for a nap, why not do it in a hammock. And no need to go to Spain to enjoy a relaxing sleep in hammocks in the afternoon because the backyard is pretty good for a hammock, and why not a few hammocks. So today we decided to present a list of some of the cool hammocks you can find. Here are some pictures of interesting suggestions for our hammocks.
 Idea of ​​a perfect holiday can become a reality. Fortunately, hammocks, and their options for hammocks - chairs have found a place in European homes and gardens. However, they have evolved in design, they have lost their exotic style.
 Whether you are outdoors or indoors, hammocks fit any situation. Especially hammocks - chairs fit perfectly in the interior. They have become an attractive trim and add a new sense to the idea of ​​rest. Here's how the island of dreams and reach your home.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Furniture & Hammocks

 The popular and always updated apartment therapy did previously a tribute to hammocks. Were found, some of the very experienced and our proposed. Some of these stores is not to send Greece but I found a similar style and ethos Greek and your suggest and I in my turn. The hammock is a cheap solution, however, very decorative-enough to have the space or out-. So good shopping and of course good xaples!
 These again are made from recycled seat belts. The Ting company also makes a fantastic flooring from old belts waist bags and other items.
 No doubt the reference to South America and the countries of the continent such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela evokes a carnival and hot Latin rhythms, with football, a suntan, beauty and temperament, not least with the TV series and endless dream easy, carefree lifestyle. In addition to these we can safely add the hammock, which is going from Colombia and Brazil many years ago of the victorious march across the globe. Fortunately - although to a lesser degree - has come and Bulgaria, but professional knowledge of hammocks, hanging chairs and other similar products are left behind somewhere along the way and yet the Europeans and particularly the Bulgarians know little about these pleasures.
 For example, in Europe there is widespread desire to be a hammock maximum straight and lie in it along as in a single bed. More Brazilians use it anyway. With them as a hammock is wider is better. They do not Stretch and leave it to sag slightly in the middle, making it easier and uploading it. Most South Americans lie in the hammock at length, and diagonal, ie from corner to opposite corner, which they need - of course - most wide hammock. Thus, they loaded a very lesser degree back, incl. your spinal column than the Europeans, whose technique of maximum cargo bed back and not just him.
 It is hardly necessary to convince someone that, as with most products and hammocks and hanging chairs and a poor quality products. Quality can not be coincidence! It is the desired end result of targeted inputs, labor and maximum volume control. In the following lines I would like to briefly explain what makes a good, quality hammock chair or hanging from mass production coming mainly from Southeast Asia.
 Usually the problem is the relationship between itself and the supporting ropes or hanging hammock chair on which you sit or lie down. In many cases this connection is done by repeatedly attaching ropes to the material (fabric, network) or a hanging hammock chair. In other cases, the fabric at the end of the hammock or chair placed caps that creep through the ropes. In practice, however, that unfortunately both versions are not very reliable. Best technology to maximize healthy relationship between hammock / chair and messenger came from Colombia, as in her own thread in the fabric edges form bundles, which are woven braids. It was in these beautiful shallow drawing the messenger. A quality hammock or hanging chair, made in this technology is - of course - better to increase the number of shallow and messenger - not least because of better distribution of gravity. To a large extent on the quality of craftsmanship throughout the product affects the elaboration of these shallow and end nodes, which collect the supporting ropes.
 Very important for the quality of this product group are also a matter of quality fabrics and messenger. Traditionally, quality is achieved with a multithreaded, heavy fabrics 100% cotton ov or some modern fabrics such as synthetic "Durakord". Ropes for themselves is an important matter, the number of threads in them and their way of twisting.
 Important for the overall quality of hammocks and hanging chairs are also dyes that are used - such as sustainability, safety and compliance with European directive concerning them. Wood shingles also have an important function and should be the maximum solid wood that is treated for lasting protection and durability. Good classic solution is to have steam beech, on which is applied a finishing layer of varnish.

Lighting and décor in the bathroom

Lighting in the bathroom
 Shaving or make use lights on both sides of the mirror, not to create shadows. Preferably two fluorescent lamps to be placed at the height of his head. For general lighting in the bathroom wall lights placed on the ceiling. Get help from an electrician to figure out how many bulbs can be placed depending on the size of the bathroom. Choose black skirt around the bulbs, which reduces light reflection to a minimum.

Decorating the bathroom:

You can choose smaller pieces, unlike your bathroom. For example, if the bathroom is white, black and white photographs hang in a black frame or hang colorful paintings, which are mounted on a metal frame. Do not choose expensive works of art, because it can be damaged by moisture and damage.

Organizing your bathroom cabinets

 Many are surprised what you can do with the bathroom cabinets in a small bathroomWe produce many cabinets and shower over the bath area, so instead of just open space turns into a nice store. Now it is important to have ventilation, and if space is ventilated properly, moisture will not be a problem. Storage sites can be built on the walls of the bathtub in your bathroomThe invitation was dismembered and buried in the wall. Habit too, but can not do it with fiberglass coating. We can use tiles, and must apply them and would otherwise leak. 
 If you have a complete overhaul of the bathroom and want to put bathroom cabinets, place the mold in which you know will put a layer of cloth on your face before you build the wall. Thus, the best hanger welded to the wall. 
Cases and racks
There are narrow shelves and bathroom cabinets, units of land to meet the corners of the bathroom, hangers, hanging from a telephone in the bathroom or down the shower curtain holders, hanging inside the bathroom door, or distribution of bathroom cabinets as bridges from one side of the tub to another. Other shelves filled rods placed between the floor and ceiling of the bathroom.
You can use the pockets for storing everything from shampoos, hair conditioners, shaving products, toothbrushes and bath toys with these bathroom cabinetsLook for deep pots and baskets to decorative objects from falling from the bag on the floor.Requires a wire or large holes in the trays for proper drainage. A number of bathroom cabinets will hold the bottles upside down as you do with a sauce of ketchup so you can easily get the last amount of shampoo or conditioner.

Update the bathroom without spending

Change in the bathroom
 A small change in the bathroom, always carries more so with some small changes, you can convert your bathroom into a dream space, warm and functional.

Starting with the color of the ceiling, if such existing shade can keep your costs even hand painting. As a result, points in an area completely clean. If you are bored of the same and use the same hot colors that soothe and are suitable for the bathroom. For best original score is better to paint the ceiling a color that contrasts with the tiles in the bathroom.

Now go to the second stage of renewal. Accessories such as towel racks and soap style give a modern, playful, and classic, depending on your personal style.
 Note the curtains and carpet in the bathroom. Must match the style you choose and easy to clean. Get at least two paths, in case you want to change when a wash other.

To have a fresh and tidy bathroom corner shelf to get have gathered all personal care products like shampoos, shower gels, and composition in which to put towels in the bathroom.

Recent key strokes

Putting new changes mirror the style of your bathroom, but also your mood. Remove the old and replace it with new. You can get a plain mirror and decorate your own its own framework.

Finally, a perfect score, adding indirect lighting, or change it there and put your favorite candles for a beautiful setting.

Change the bathroom

How boring to have beautiful, bright, white bathroom, marble or not? See what you can do in the bathroom to change.
 Place the plant in front of the mirror. The plant gives vitality, grace and color to the bathroom. When placed in front of the mirror, the bathroom looks bigger.
 Place towel over the bathroom in space, the earth and depending on the background is colored and becomes a beautiful bathroom.

If you have a dark bathroom and classic, you can see how the transformations with simple movements:
It is better to invest in a really good bench in the bathroom with a large mirror to show the largest area. Putting two sinks in the bathroom is mandatory and very practical. After a person's accessories in the bathroom, chose a modern and luxurious, to pull the eye where you want. Finally, in the bathroom when there is enough storage space remains unused. You can decorate the walls of the bathroom closet with high extended frames to give height and color in space.

One bathroom for the whole family

The bathroom in the family home is a place shared by all and must offer security and comfort.

A large tub in the bathroom for more than one person is perfect for small children. If the bath tub includes an integrated seat offers the convenience of an adult to supervise the child's bathroom. Make sure the bath tub you have non-slip floor.
 If the place is small, the bathroom is necessarily the position of the tub, this is an isolated cabin to allow children to wash spray without rest. If the baby home, there are trade stands for baby showers and tubs in the bathroom, baby long legs.

If there is space in the bathroom, a very good choice in the matter is a major sink or double sink area. This avoids the difficulty of the movements of two people in "rush hours".

Of washing and drying can be found in the bathroom, provided that they comply with the rules on power plants. Next a low chair unwashed, for use by children.

An important issue is the preservation of the family bathroom. In toiletries such as shampoo, conditioners, soaps, etc. to be arranged in the corner where the tub or shower, baby products on the lower shelves. Bath toys placed in a perforated basket to dry. Cleaning products, medicines and sharp objects should be stored at a height greater than the height of the child or in a locked cabinet in the bathroom. Beauty products and cosmetics to be near the sink, but in a way that protects them from moisture and dust. Finally towels to be near a bathtub or shower cabinet with wheels or a special pocket for towels on the radiator.

Finally, this is our bathroom consists of beautiful colors and objects that children feel comfortable and happy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The lighting in the bathroom

Today the bathroom is a haven of calm and relaxation. This is almost impossible to happen without proper lighting in the area. The lighting in the bathroom should be the one ensuring that the various activities in front of the mirror will be made easily without discoloration or strong shadows, and the other should create conditions for relaxation and tranquility.

As it is known that water and electricity do not work easily, the key thing to notice is to ensure the proper and safe electrical installation. Lighting is suitable for the bathroom is flush with the necessary degree of protection, lighting where the metal part is covered and the lights surrounding the bulb completely. There are in the market and specially designed lighting for use near water.

A good solution is indirect lighting fixtures that will be incorporated behind the curtain or under the bathroom cabinet, but keep in mind to combine everything and general lighting. So the lights reflected on the surfaces of the bathroom, offering a soft and mild effect.
 The lighting of the face in the mirror is a very important point to note. The most correct solution is a combination lamps flush in the ceiling with wall sconces that the mirror is illuminated by 3 sides and avoided the intense light over the mirror and the weak light that leaves the face in shadow. You can also use special lighting such as bathroom mirrors with integrated lighting for shaving, the small lights inside the cabinets operate with the door. As for the light sources the most appropriate solution is the light bulb as the light emitted is warm and flattering to the face.

The size of the number and position of windows in the bathroom playing very important role in lighting the room. The existence of 2 windows preferably opposite each other offers the best solution and the room thus lighted and from 2 sides. Also creating openings in the roof in the form of skylight, will increase both the quantity of natural light in space, but will also create a sense of spaciousness.

Today technology has advanced so much that you have the potential for lighting allow implement every idea and proposal. What is necessary to achieve the most beautiful and correct solution to the installation of lighting in your bathroom is to make a comprehensive study on site and care in advance of the design of appropriate rules that will create a functional and flexible space that will Your comfort, pleasure and relaxation.

Funky available in bathroom

Transform easily and with minimum costs the most neglected decorative space in your home into a stylish funky oasis of calm and relaxation.
Draw your curtains: If you represent the various designs of bath curtains on the market you can make your own curtain with your own personal taste. Use any fabric you like, enough to coat the inner side with plastic to prevent wear.
Draw the floor: Turn your bathtub into an ornament designing a pattern on the floor to the frames. Draw first draft in a big cardboard and cut it with a chisel and use it as a stencil on the floor. Then paint with oil paint pattern or with a satin paint and do not forget to stop by on a layer of varnish to protect the paint.
Window color: Provide an extra sparkle to the space by changing the color of the window. Try for example curtains in a bright turquoise color. Ca strongest effects you can tie a ribbon color that gives a contrast such as red or magenta.
Sit down please: If you are the lucky people who have a large spacious bathroom, then a chaise longue is the must afford for your space. One option is a chair that will create a personal space for relaxation and comfort.
Makeshift frames: The white walls of your bathroom is a wonderful backdrop to create a composition. Make sure the frames have all the same color and patterns to blend in with the area and be thematically linked to each other. The frames you can hang it either in uniform or in random order.
Disco time: Create a party atmosphere in your bathroom hanging disco ball. "When you immerse yourself in your bathtub, light that glows in the balls you relax even more.

The sea in your bathroom

Make your bathroom a place where every time you enter you will feel the rejuvenating power of water and feel that you are near the sea, that you walk on the pebbles in your own beach. If this setting is the perfect bath for you with the appropriate colors and materials you can get.

Choose small pear chips on your walls sure to apply evenly from edge to edge to form a light background. Coat the floor with your whitish gray pebbles creating a space that refers to the seaside and contact with nature. Use the rough stone as a base for the shower glass partition. For sink use simple and plain, white lines and Frame it with the necessary furniture. Instead of an additional counter, choose a cabinet with white lacquer and crystal surface and crystal shelf for cosmetics with a mirror wheel.

Finish the setting of your bathroom with various stone and crystal accessories as well as soft towels in the color of sky and sea.

Change in the kitchen

Colors kitchen

Many cuisines have a few suits even before we add anything. The electrical devices, for example, is white, other appliances are black, while the floor may be composed of white or dark tiles or even mosaic.Starting from the bench, we can choose the color for the cabinets of the "waters" that do granite countertops.

Economic renovation of the kitchen

A quick way to update your kitchen without having to renovate entirely, is to change the knobs of the closet. You can find a wide variety of metal or plastic handles in several stores. You can also change the curtains in the windows of the kitchen. Choose which reduces the sun.

Five top tips for kitchen renovation

Imagine the idea 

Think how it would look like your new kitchen and what changes would you like it. The contractor will be specializing in kitchen renovations, and have at least three to four years experience.

2. Prepare a draft hood

You should tell the architect to prepare a draft hood of your choice and then begin the renovation in accordance with it.

In this project will determine the location of equipment such as cabinets, oven, refrigerator, etc.

3. Set budget

Before you begin the renovation process should choose the design of the kitchen picks up the pocket. Learn the exact price of each item to be purchased and pay the prescribed rates.

4. Choose the color of paint

You should choose light colors for your kitchen like pink, white or yellow. Be prepared for the colors and give information about the colors of your choice on your builder.

5. Be present during the renovation

You must be at home as your contractor working in the kitchen. Before deciding what to do in any critical situation should discuss with your builder.

5 Steps to a tidy kitchen

Empty the closets 

Take everything out of every closet and edit. Dispose of or treat those that are not frequently used as double items, broken items or things you forgot you had. Do this in every cupboard and drawer having separate floor for each category. Be ruthless. Most kitchens do not have enough storage space, so the goal is to have only things you love and use.

2: Group the items you like.

When you empty all your cabinets, consider what is best for you as to how to group the items. Put in order all the tools and gather the pastry together. Put in order your cooking utensils and stack them together. Clusters of dishes, glassware, festive or other seasonal items that you use once or twice a year as well as those serving accessories or containers that you use only occasionally.

 3: Organize closets

Now that you have grouped objects on the floor, decide where to place each one of them. The cookware and utensils pastry should be near food preparation area. Cooking tools should also be placed in the drawer closest to this area. Glassware would best be located near the sink or refrigerator. Prepare a room coffee or tea that contain sugar, cups and filters and install them if possible near a water source. This is to avoid back and forth to the kitchen for things that just need to prepare your breakfast drink.

 4: Use clear containers to store items

Use storage containers to optimize the inside of your closet. Group together things like packaging sauces, sauces, whole grains and packets of cocoa powder and then put them in small plastic containers to avoid spreading them throughout the closet. Use plastic shoe boxes to store materials that are cooking in small containers like gelatin or pudding powders.

 5: Store containers and lids with

Discard containers without lids and store the remaining plastic containers or sealed with lids, or store the lids in another larger container so they are all together. Do the same with the lids of pots and pans. A large clear plastic box will keep them together and each vertically. Another option is to store them vertically in the closet to wiring compartments dishes.

How to get the kitchen clean and orderly

Take advantage of vertical space 

Place hooks under cabinets to hang cups on the counter or hang a metal bracket in the same spot for wine glasses. This will free up significant space in cupboards. You could also put stickers on the hooks inside the door of the closet or cellar to install tools such as scoops cookers, oven mitts and other kitchen items. Consider using the empty space on the wall or put rails on the ceiling to hang pots and pans. Remember that any space you can use to hang something will free up space inside a cabinet.

2: Use of rotating disks

The turntable can be used to place objects such as oil, vinegar and other ingredients as well as culinary herbs, vitamins or medicines. You can also use some of rotating disks in your refrigerator - one for drinks, so nothing is forgotten in the back and spoil or freeze, and even one for leftovers or small jars of pickles, olives or other small food items.

 3: Use drawer dividers

The drawer dividers are perfect for drawers with cooking tools and drawers with various objects. Everyone needs a place to guard various thingamajig, but need not be confused and asygyrista. The drawer dividers will allow you to assign a small box for each object and you can find it easily when you need it.

 4: Arrange your cards

Take a box sort magnet to stick on the side of the refrigerator for coupons, catalogs distribution of food at home, a notebook and a pen or other papers that accumulate on the benches. Any kind of paper should have its own space in the box classification.

 5: Clean the refrigerator

Place garbage bags near the trash and throw a stack of bags in it. So when you take a bag, there will already be below another that will be waiting to use. If you take your garbage out on the curb once a week, take advantage of that time to clean it well every week in your refrigerator. See what food is for trash and dispose of immediately. Then remove the garbage out on the pavement. The refrigerator will only fresh foods and less messy - and it takes only a few minutes.

Health - everything starts from the pot

Take a look at kitchen cabinets. Fly utensils are in good condition and keep renewing the utensils you use every day. Get the perfect dish for a good and healthy cooking and be sure that the quality of food and your health will be secured.
 # Utensils Stainless Steel
 Either shiny or matte are 100% healthy. Not worn by food and water. The downside is that it gives a nice color to foods.

# Copper cookware
 Favorites large chef. Cook perfect dishes, but wear out easily and then releasing a toxic substance that can be harmful to health. Use salt and lemon juice to give extra shine to the utensils.
 # Pyrex
 It is convenient and safe. The food does not stick, easy to clean, but be careful because it breaks easily. It is mainly for food in the oven. As material is completely recyclable.

# Aluminium Utensils
 It utensils light and easy, but sometimes the food "sticks" and aluminum has some substances that are harmful to health. Nevertheless, does not react with acidic ingredients like tomatoes or lemon juice.
 # Clay pots
 Pots are considered among the most healthy dishes, but is time consuming, because the clay is slow to warm up delaying the food to "cook".

# Nonstick cookware
 The food is cooked very quickly and not sticky. They need attention, because it is easily scratched and then it is harmful to health.