Monday, January 31, 2011

Introducing a modern intererioren design

The Magic House
The bed, which is devoted this article looks unassuming, while it emanates a modern spirit, which makes it a nice place to visit. More logging is felt the Nordic influence in the interior - can be seen in the use of many color motifs and textiles throughout the kasha. But what strikes are circular forms that are found everywhere in space. Windows, mirrors, prints, even the table and cushions on the couch in the living room and bar stools and lamps in the kitchen - all with rounded forms, which is very recent, particularly given recent entrant teaching feng shui.

If you're a romantic kind, the bed will surprise you with canopy, which is located above it. But not only that. Evening Breeze Canopi allows you to create and manage change in your bedroom and it will be fully in line with your needs and preferences. In the canopy over the bed, already mentioned, has an integrated ventilation system that helps the area in which to sleep is cooled or heated, it does not interfere with your sleep with excessive noise created in her work.

On the other hand Evening Breeze Canopi even allows you to open the bedroom window to let fresh air, without impairing the pleasant atmosphere to sleep without having to disconnect the system. And in addition to all that the producers, the system of Evening Breeze Canopi saves up to 60% of your electricity consumption compared to conventional air conditioners.

The place is well organized and the idea of the interior designer is not the style of furniture and home to dominate, but rather to set the background for a calm and filled with the beauty of life, the scenic spot.
This bed not only looks good. It has merit, which is not visible at first glance.
You might ask yourself why not just turn the air conditioner or fan, which would have a similar effect. First, the fan provides cooling only (and not completely), while being quite noisy. The air conditioner concentrate cold air directly on you.

Introducing a modern interiore design, courtesy of Natalie Thiart.
In conclusion, we summarize that the Evening Breeze Canopi ensures your peaceful sleep without noise and with a precise temperature, down to minimun negative impact on the environment and reduce your costs for electricity.
By Evening Breeze Canopi you can enjoy restful sleep all night, to be more fulfilling day!

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