Sunday, December 12, 2010

Modern Orange Furniture

Orange Modern Design
The apartment impresses with imagination and the combination of colors, shapes and materials. Without specific changes in the distribution team of Acherno holding the overall vision of the apartment paying him a small but important place to hide all unpleasant cables and installation of a water jacket of the fireplace, but the site itself is only a few square and behind the fireplace . Also separates and office that is separate from the living room with glass door and wall that serves as a decorative wall of the living room on which stands the television. Part of this wall is dressed in deep red color, which contrasts white minimalist dresser, sits on the neo-baroque curved metal legs that make it an eclectic furniture distinguished by color and siuet with the red wall.
Apartment 100 m2 is not small and not very much. Eclecticism. So are its owners - eclectic or at least one of them
Simple things with simple accents - painted wood chandelier or a beautiful neo-baroque frame. It's like a little black dress, simple but classic necklace with diamonds, incredible and protruding against the dress.
A background should always be. The apartments are like paintings. Rooms are . Modern Furniture is background. Is your composition, there are colors.
This picture is a mix of styles and mix of textures and materials. Importantly, however, everything was in place.

All modular furniture we have them we do on the model to completion.
Fantasy, sensuality and caught playing with styles turned this apartment into a modern fairy tale, told in an eclectic manner. The combination of modern clean shapes and neoclassical elements form the atmosphere of home.
We present one of many completed projects in the studio for interior design "Acherno" - a young enthusiastic team who loves to experiment without limits in style.

Orange Snaidero, a kitchen with clear ideas, revolutionary in its simplicity.
Orange is the hallmark of the continuity between one element and the other with his throat in the structure. Columns in the throat develops into a full-height vertical continuum, and it has clean lines thanks to retractable handle which also ensures comfortable and ergonomic opening. Also notable is the balance of proportion with work top and sides of a thickness of 1.3 which is counterbalanced by the increased thickness of the gate.

The technical conception of Orange leads to an extraordinary compositional flexibility. Orange eliminates the concept of "outsize" allowing the development of multiple solutions with the flexibility in height and width.
Orange is really for people: perfect organization of the interior solutions for large and small facilities. The midway area is equipped with functional accessories: from the coffee machine element carries letters from the magnetic board to a highly integrated multimedia platform with modern cooking, with iPod, MP3, LCD screens with integrated DVD player, USB port and card SD to see photos, movies, MP3 files.
The opening to the living of the Orange project is also confirmed by the inclusion of tables, benches, stools, open elements that reflect the simplicity and naturalness of the lines: a selection of original and sophisticated fabrics to mark Ken Scott used to select these additions.
The Kitchen Orange, finally, will amaze you with the competitiveness of its affordable prices, the result of great importance for a high quality product like Snaidero, obtained through a comprehensive review of production processes.

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