Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decorating trends for winter this year

Modern and luxurious home
 This year trends show that dark colors will be modern and luxurious home. One of the most popular trends is the unity of color between the wall and furniture. Dare to gray for the walls and sofas in a deeper tone. Add to this very bold, for example hats lamps, tables, vases and other decorative objects from cavity floor for a modern and luxurious home. Completing a white color to be used in two major areas of your space. These colors can tie in perfectly with white stripes on the modern and luxurious home, curtains - Grey. If you like shiny surfaces can add small touches of materials such as glass and silver.

Click to overcome and live without any objects, furniture and decorations that do not meet the above trend and philosophy, but will make modern and luxurious home. Polish silver frames of old 80s and place them in a dark wall. Always remember that silver suits in cool colors like gray and gold color, with hot like coffee.

We wish you a good warm winter! And do modern and luxurious home.

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