Sunday, October 9, 2011

Summer decorating tips

You come to us a little crazy with his behavior, since in many areas until yesterday dropped enough rain, but June is just around the corner and we need to change and availability and decoration in our living room to get the climate summer.

We give you some ideas for some small touches that will change but the whole scene you.
Minimalism: The fewer the better. Avoid strong patents and contrasts that give life to the darker winter home. Prefer minimalism and subtle contrasts. The main role should be played by the natural light that is most abundant.
The windows open: Do you open your windows to ventilate your room but now that we go slowly in the Summer what better than to admire in your living room, garden or balcony you spoil?
Soft colors: Get rid of carpets and "throw" that lies on the site such as velvets and heavy throws. Choose soft and neutral tones that travel the countryside, the sea and the beach. The pink to blue and pastel colors are the must of the summer. The easiest solution? Colorful pillows and rattan furniture.
Changes: If you're tired of the color of the wall and now with the change of season you seem dull change it. If your budget does not allow you to make a painting entirely, you can simply remove the wall of many objects that weigh and replace them with some of the options offered by the wall stickers on the market. This move alone will instantly change your space. Another alternative is to change the color only in a corner or even to change and choose curtains and soft summer colors.

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