Sunday, October 9, 2011

Small hall - how to fit all

Small room

You have a very small room and puzzled how to fit everything you want in it? Below I will try to help you with some ideas and tips to create a small place in your favorite retreat.
 Closet can easily be used as changing rooms, although close. To do this you need to put things along the wall of bars placed perpendicular to the wall, as we have seen many times in many stores. Thus a narrow closet can hold several jackets. To avoid the problem of prefer door wardrobes with sliding doors. A good suggestion is to choose the color of light for doors or even better glass mat, which will open the space visually. A workable solution is to place mirrors on the doors.

If the government does not fit the style of the room, then you can alternatively install hangers and shelves. Choose wall racks. If the room while a small square, you can put 2-3 corner hangers for floors, but not stuffy space. Another more modern solution is to set loose on a wall, but individual hooks that you can hang different length coats, scarves, handbags and other items.

You can put shelves for shoes and hats at the height of his hand. For more storage space to the width of the shelves to grow from the bottom up as a back staircase.

A bed in open flowers with mirror above can play many roles in his place and hide many small useful items inside the drawers. In front of the mirror you can put a candy jar or vase with fresh flowers. Your favorite gadgets can volepsete in beautiful boxes or baskets that you can hang on the wall or closet door decoration or nightstand.

To get the best seat in the small hall, you can choose a stool with storage space or even put a nice cushion of sound and light shoe.

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