Monday, November 15, 2010

Armadio Italian Furniture

Model: The

Description: Space is an innovative integrated TV cabinet with sliding inside the door, this system allows you to save space and have a very advanced and aesthetically pleasing solution.
From today you can enjoy our favorite movies with an excellent performance, thanks to this last generation.

Materials: Available in matt and glossy white and the full range of colors.

Completely new innovative Italian design, stylish white and black
TV with built-in wardrobe that fits well with the furniture and design around it.
Blue carpet acquirer taste of furniture.
Wardrobe, very innovative design, is slipped into the
TV is slipped in the direction you want,which makes the design design of your room stylish innovative and beautiful. White and black are very fashionable colors lately,
especially for internal furnishing home interior design.
Very well equipped colors give the room an exclusive style and modern design.
Bed as a sofa and table, all at the same time sophisticated and practical, and spacious white and black.
Of course the blue color of the carpet is in line with the blue lights.

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