Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mega Slide
Description: The classic plain door handle in its contemporary version: the handle disappears and is integrated in the thickness of a creek through dedicated ergonomic knurled for easy grip.
The leaf thickness important, moved rhythmically from front cuts, free all his emotion through the natural grain of the elegance of oak or lacquered.
Materials: Available in matt lacquer, polished, oak, material and painted glass in various colors.


Will write several articles about the most important components in our building an interior. How they affect our perceptions and what relation do we have them. Because ultimately it's all about perspective and attitude. I will not talk about specific tips and suggestions. Just to express our vision of light, color, size, texture and atmosphere. For our five.
Light is the main unit in an interior. It is magic in it. It depends how you perceive the color of your wall or what feeling will be in a room. It depends on mood depend on volumes.

As taught us one time in painting. Volume is only composed of light and shadow. And the boundaries between them. Volume has no end, no edge, no line. There are just boundary between light and shadow and that it builds. This makes us see things a certain way. Light is as a conductor, to intervene anywhere it can be so mean to manipulate both the facts and results. So for us it is based. It is what if a project is under control makes it good. And if a designer possesses, it is to say under command. You can manipulate both colors and volumes and sensations. Be free to speak up.

BUT, there's always a but. Light is the most difficult to.She is what the designers at least understand. It is what is most difficult to obey. Most difficult to predict the results. Is science able to make accounts. In fact, everything could be reduced to mathematics. Can be calculated lighting luxury, Watts light absorption. And the result can be almost predictable. Almost always there is an element of surprise. Light can always surprise you.
In 90% of how things happen. Relies on a few things. First thing you already tried and know what will happen. Second general rules for lighting. Third principle of trial and error. The only way to get something interesting to experiment. To try and test. Because there are too many factor .Po what time of day you're there. What is the current season. What is it about building. What are the colors in the room. What are the furniture - like worlds and volumes, etc. Even if you calculated the part of them, you can always take you to another. The good news is that there is a human quality called designers have it. May take into account all indicators enjoy even if it is subconscious and provide results. Almost!

Some time ago we did an experiment. Two people, one of the School of Mathematics and one of Art. To draw multiple cube in perspective. Man knew the rules of mathematical perspective - horizon, vanishing point, etc. Both began to draw the cube. What happened - and they draw them properly, but simply by human art paint them almost immediately, while the mathematics he needed some time to calculate them. My thought was that almost everything there are two ways to do it - or feel or to calculate.

If you want to describe the modern home with just one word, it certainly would be "simplicity". This naturally does not mean that interior design should not necessarily boring and monotonous. It is true that according to contemporary furniture trends relies on clean lines, neutral color palettes and geometric shapes dominate, but if this is all designed with flair, taste and attention to detail, your home can be anything but boring. Under the right combination of space, colors, fabrics and accessories, modern decor can turn your home into a warm, welcoming, comfortable and stylish place.

By itself it is clear that modern design and decor are not achieved by simply go to the store and buy furniture with clean lines. You'll need to make more effort to learn more about current trends and routines. To save you some time, we decided to dedicate this article to say a few ideas for stylish and elegant contemporary design for your home.

Give nature of space. It is amazing how the introduction of one color or broken element in an otherwise neutral palette can add lots of charm and strong radiation of the room. Do not hesitate to Experimenting with colors and furniture to build a home interior, which you will be happy, relaxed and want to share with everyone.

The creation of the modern interior is not so difficult, Coco seems at first glance. And allows the release of space, which you can do anything you want, so you feel really comfortable and at home. Only thing that you should consider are the five simple rules that you pointed out in several articles. Good luck!

If you want a modern interior, then you should pay close attention to the balcony, terrace, yard or garden, if any. You could even combine some of the rooms of the house with a backyard, you do look like a winter garden. Of course this is impossible in some homes, mostly flats in which most of us live. But for them there is a solution and it is to mimic an open space inside the room, using different colors, fabrics and furniture. You can also add a coating on the walls and windows that are in bright colors and thus create a sense of continuous open window, even if it is not.

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