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Furniture upholstery fabric


Some people refuse to buy leather sofa furniture for moral reasons: for example, to make a small double bed or sofa, it will take a minimum of four skins of animals. But there is a decent alternative to leather furniture: buy furniture upholstery fabric.But currently, natural materials can be quite natural to speak conditionally: textile industry uses about 8000 different chemicals that are designed to improve consumer qualities of upholstery fabrics: fabric that does not break well clear, not subject to shrinkage.
Some European textile manufacturers fully exclude the use of chemicals in the production of upholstery sofa fabrics: for example, cotton is bleached or not at all or is made without chlorine bleach. Dirty fabric with natural dyes from vegetables. Some time ago, has grown a new variety of cotton, which is inherently green, beige, yellow and orange colors for Sofa. Special label "Green Cotton" packed with cotton fabric, raw materials for which it was grown, harvested and painted without the use of chemicals.

Today is a very practical and in demand, as the upholstered furniture with removable upholstery. This trim is easily removed from the couch and wash at home. In this case, upholstery fabric is not treated with chemical compounds that protect fabric from stains and other contaminants. If the seal has lost its attractive appearance, or want to lend the interior in the living room - just new covers of other tissues
Furniture upholstery
Some people refuse to furnish their homes with leather furniture for moral reasons: for example, they comply with that to make a small double bed or sofa, requiring a minimum of four animals skins.
Worthy alternative to the leather furniture upholstery. It is best if the fabric for the upholstery is a natural: cotton, linen, wool, silk.

The textile industry uses about 8000 different chemicals that are designed to improve the quality of upholstery fabrics - such as making material such that it does not break or not to stop.
Some European textile manufacturers fully exclude the use of chemicals in the production of upholstery fabrics.
Today is especially practical sofas Removable upholstery. It is easily removed and washable at home. If you trim lost its attractive appearance, or want to diversify interior room - you can simply purchase a new sewing.

Let's talk about leather furniture ...

Panting pace of modern life, filled with stress and conflict makes us tonight to rush home in which to find rest and relaxation. How relax?
Each has its own method: some people prefer to sit in silence, listening to some favorite music or to engage in their hobby, others just relax and meditate in silence on your favorite sofa or chair and sofa.

Quality sofas should we be really soft and comfortable, not fade when exposed to light and easy to clean. Upholstery of modern furniture is usually made of natural materials which have undergone a special chemical treatment. Such a coating does not fade, it does not stick to hair and be mild detergent at home.
Let's talk a little more for leather furniture ... The skin is the product of natural origin. But before you become a couch or armchair, the skin goes a long process of treatment, which will now learn in detail.
Processing begins with the tanning of raw hides and skins, which in future will not allow them to rot. The main tanning agents, skin that is processed, are chemical compounds based on chromium. Tanning substances penetrate the skin, they are not dangerous to humans.

The next stage of processing of skin color is her natural dyes such as beige, black, brown, have low resistance to light and quickly fade. With various synthetic dyes to achieve a wider color gamut. Technology in color is such that pores remain open and its structure be maintained.

The sofa is the most used furniture in every home. It is important to choose the right bed for you. It must match the interior of the room, but mostly it is convenient. This sofa is. Italian furniture from the collection of Zen Alf December is perfect for modern, minimalist home. Each model in the collection is specially designed to offer maximum comfort for its guests. There's also a library on the back, perfect for storing your favorite books and magazines.

This turns your living room sofa in a private VIP room. Thus, the sofa is very comfortable.
By placing the left and right elements together, you can easily have a spacious 3-4-local or even sofa. It is available in fashion colors red, yellow, green, blue, beige, gray, white and black.

Upholstered furniture with clean lines, which translates into an elegant bed with a simple push-back, thanks to a special, easy to use mechanism. The sofa is mounted on wheels, making it easy to navigate. The base is composed of aluminum. Seats are padded with polyurethane foam. Fully removable covers. The pads are filled with goose feathers. This is a great and comfortable sofa that will fit perfectly in your living room.

TOOT sofa offers a unique experience. Universal configuration it consists of four simple elements: the trestle, base, backrest and armrests. Immerse yourself in a bed with one or more backs, armrests add or leave it open to pamper yourself. The work is complemented with soft cushions. TOOT sofa comes apart from the skin, but also full of fabric. The collection is complemented by a square or rectangular table that matches the frame.

Do not you want after a hard day to go home and lie down on something comfortable and soft to make you relax and forget problems. This couch is. He is big and soft as a cloud. There are simple and elegant form. You can sit or lie down on big, soft pillows made of linen, making it feel even better. This couch is the perfect place for recreation and social contacts. The frame is all in wood, very strong and compact piece of furniture suitable for any type of home.

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