Thursday, November 18, 2010

The sofa - a key element in the interior of the daily

By seating position to a symbol of hospitality and a way to express yourself in a different form, texture and color, sofa walking the long road of development of "couch" to the sleek, comfortable and beautiful furniture.
Today, sofa covers The central place not only in the living room of your home, but the cabinet office, shop, shopping centers and public buildings. His sophistication has been achieved without fine forms in carved frames of the Baroque style. Its design is now unthinkable without a sense of comfort.
The choice of sofa or a combination of upholstered furniture for the living room is a key moment in the creation of its unique interior design.

Beautiful form modules made rounded D-shape with left and right benches, U-looking, comfortable and stylish pair solutions for small and large rooms. Armrests are not necessarily two. We see them in different decisions - sometimes slightly recumbent, sometimes discrete or focused.  Part is consistent with different - sometimes with different heights in a pattern. The depth of the seat pan is not less than 90 cm in length is increasing.  Wood or metal with varying forms. Questions have both these models to see housing and a hidden.The price of the sofa is formulated from materials and precision of its craftsmanship. Modern sofa today is one that is made with high quality materials. Fillings foam with high density and elasticity (30kg/m3), goose down and silicone strands.

Materials for upholstery are primarily natural leather, plush, velvet, damask , patchwork, modern and outer seams are gorgeous  or with visible or not buttons. Current colors are white, black, brown, golden brown, eggplant, colors with ethnic patterns, gray and green of course those you like and precisely match the overall interior design.Upholstered furniture in the living room today is not hidden, is not necessarily dead-end and clinging to one wall. If you have space, do not hesitate to assign a central place on the couch in the interior of the living room. But do not forget that he is part of the rest of the interior.
Here are some suggestions from leading companies in the market for furniture to give your room its beautiful interior design.

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