Saturday, December 4, 2010

Modern interior living room design
Cozy place with fresh food and modern design. So the shortest way of describing the newly opened bistro The Golden Apple in the Sofia district of Modern Interior Design. Although the neighborhood is located in a small street between housing associations, you can not do . White face with a large glass case inside reveals a small part of what awaits inside. The restaurant has two levels with two diametrically opposed interior. The first resembles a French bistro. Smoked tones artificially distressed furniture and subdued lighting returning guests in the early twentieth century atmosphere is romantic modern design and at the same time kind of doll. This feeling is reinforced by using the enhancement-cushions on sofas, woven baskets for menus and neat of furniture.

Modern interior design style is clear cubic forms in bright lighting and the contrast of black and white. The general feeling is urban chic. Clean even a little sterile chic, but in full harmony with the dynamics of everyday life. This place more conducive to rapid business meeting or lunch with friends in the style of "Sex and chest.

Fantasy - a word that explicates in my mind when I look how this small space is furnished with such a deliberate style and taste, how simple things have become impressive accents and reinforce the feeling of comfort and relaxation in corner of this room.

Here's how the designers have achieved here this amazing effect. To start with, of course could not leave ordinary walls to entail the mediocrity, so using plasterboard constructions built an inner wall of modern world design, which optically and spatially narrow space and it makes it oh - and retracted. The lighter shade of additional construction export it further furniture forward and creates a pleasant feeling of contrast against the background of gold - beige base.

Most design of modern furniture - makes a big impression here play with light, which turned into a true culmination of design tricks. Fluorescent tubes placed behind the plasterboard with yellowing create so pleasant glow like a sunset in the hands clenched and tucked somewhere behind that wall. Soothing atmosphere coexist with modernity and clean modern interior Design.Design, lavish and mild in the current furniture in beige and plain table and television cabinet. Nothing more, nothing superfluous in the furniture, anything to divert focus from the original solutions in the decoration of lights.

We can not not notice the magnificent carpet with long hair who was hit in contemporary , where usually seek ease of cleaning, at the expense of comfort and warmth. For this host here will pamper your feet in soft bedding. Colored patterns in the carpet, in perfect combination with the tablecloth and in contrast with the others - light colors in the room.

Here's how it is determined here and the Chinese wall rather than ordinary curtains, in line with the overall extravagant style modern windows is here to put this wall. Again using the structures of plasterboard, which not only serve to attach the sliding wall, but once again demonstrate how using light to create an effect. As a real grounds on the middle part of the Chinese wall, act as a spa - therapy on the weary senses.

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