Thursday, December 2, 2010

Most importantly, home is the feeling that brings

Furniture Modern Design
We believe that everything can be transmitted soul of modern interior design, that every thing can bring a fraction of what is incorporated in it. We believe that the souls of the homes reflect their owners, or so we'd like to be design. We can make at least one such, will be our great pleasure of furniture. We want to have a way to look at the man to peek in and take out his soul on display. As the body is the home of our souls and our homes are repositories of our bodies. Should affect each other, rather than reflect world trends, or its claims
We do not believe in making housing pipeline. We do not believe in discerning homes. Do not believe a house should have any claims. Before we believed that if properly combine colors and shapes, if everything is functional then everything is fine. There composition is harmony and modern interior design - a house or incorporate design products of the highest class and ensure your high-end home.
I believe that someday we will be able to extract and deliver the soul of a home that will properly reflect the person to whom it is and will be in harmony with itself and interior. We know it's difficult, that requires great confidence that everything is not always the way it is in our heads. But this is the path you will take and we want to go. We know that many times things will not happen as they want or see a number of reasons and dependent and independent of us.

It has happened in some of the things we've been able to. But know that you even better.
This home is one example where we think we have to reflect part of the person or at least hope so. We will not tell you much about the dwelling itself, what, how, why, and will tell about what it and bare. What made things happen that way.
It brings calmness and warmth. What brings a sense of security and protection. Not aggressively, calmly and reasonably that is in it nothing they threaten nothing pulls.
Here's how it all happened.
The meeting was a very hot day. I had to go from one end of the meeting in Sofia on the other.
We met a lady who smiled warmly. When two people meet, they decide whether and still not know it. We wanted to work with these people.They know about modern interior design. Because as they choose us and we choose them. Process is mutual if both sides do not like no connection.

A few days later started working. And she and her boyfriend wanted their home to be comfortable to be in soft tones to hem is both bright dark by interior. And rolled associations - land, sunflowers, sun, classes of wheat. Again, land, rain, morning in the summer. Essen, ripe sunflower. Also, Morocco, colorful pillows, something in which to sink. We wanted to create a feeling of autumn plowed land ripe sunflowers. Sunflowers our work relaxing. Sit in one place and monitor the Sun. Know his way, yet tracked it every day. We wanted to look hot in winter. I imagined how big window and rain. How block opposite is lit as jumbled puzzle windows that illuminate the snowflakes and they flashed a yellow light. How in the house will be bright yellow-orange lamps it will reflect the warm light that falls on the brown will warm up from interior design. How are sitting on the couch and watch through the window talking how their day has passed. How the kitchen is the fragrance of cinnamon and apples (winter smells of cinnamon and apples, at least for us).

How in the floor a few scattered cushions on which to sit. We wanted the house to look like their owners. On the one hand selected, soft tones are always in harmony. Casual scarf and a sense of time. For many different cultures. Maybe that's why more and entangling cushions from Morocco. With splashes of color. And on the other hand for precise and thoughtful detail. For precise function layout for equipment. So with the owners built apartments. It is not great, but I do not think it necessary. There is a kitchen design that is separated from the living room with sliding glass door. Living room and dining room on one. Entrance to look to the living room and door to the toilet. Corridor to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Customers came to the idea of purple, what meals they want and that must have a fireplace. So things are rotated around them. Were starting points around which to build the rest. Pieces of the puzzle, which interfere each other. The idea was to have several colors purple. This is in the kitchen coupled with white. Also purple curtains and purple coat. Other elements are white or light. Fire we made a triangular it can be seen from the couch and to the dining table. Characteristic in the living room were rounded elements. They started on the selected furniture - kitchen, which has rounded doors. We rounded shapes on the ceiling. The walls were also rounded to allow the walls to blend smoothly from floor to ceiling.

The kitchen occupies a relatively large area of living, but because it is a niche that can be seen only from the dining table and so it is not intrusive. Dining table will be extensible to accommodate at least eight people. Chairs to it also have round shaped backs.

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