Friday, December 3, 2010

A Tale of Two Worlds, about three brothers and a golden apple combined in modern and cozy.

Modern Vision Design
Collision, refraction, stroke, cleavage. Clash is an action in which two bodies interact, and each of the forces acting on the same size but opposite direction in another force of modern interior design.
And what would happen if two worlds collide? What would be received and what would result?
I'll tell a tale of two worlds, about three brothers and a golden apple.

Once upon a time a kingdom, a little - there is no 60 m2. It was very run-down, almost destroyed and abandoned. Former King fought before and now is another King was ascended the throne of this modern design world of furniture. He walked around the kingdom and was wondering how to fix it, how to renovate and bring back people and life in it. Decided that we should hire architects and designers from other UK, and decided very good chef to hire for any UK where no chef.

First we had to decide how to look the kingdom and what people like King to live in it. King wondered long offered its various decisions, he contemplated them, but still was at a crossroads. Calm Kingdom, modern Kingdom enchanting Kingdom cozy Kingdom, but King wondered I wondered. I struggled between their desire for modern and contemporary UK, but thought about and the old castle and cozy, tucked away lands nine in ten. Filled with romance and relaxation. With cellar offers the best real wines and dishes from refined more sophisticated. Quail with rosemary and sauteed fresh fries. Beef melt in the mouth and vegetables with butter-braised, but left with crispy fresh herbs. Did King sketches and drawings and then hired designers offered his solution. To collide two worlds, two perceptions and create a joint UK where there is room for both worlds. Why should the king be limited to one after the still was king - there may be everything. Then everything became easier. Remains only to recreate it. Refer the matter to join them to find skilled craftsmen to set up everything. It stained and to breathe life of modern furniture interior design.

Kingdom split into two - upper and lower. The above was modern Kingdom. Black and white and contrast in the modern world full of contrasts and contradictions. Here there is some measure detail that reminded bygone world filled with magic, a world in which the piece is saying something. In which everything is made by hand and knew the true value of.This black and white world, most things were polished and shone. Shiny and reflective. Because in the modern world it is liked. Shiny surfaces on which people are looking to see the surface to reflect them to see them and others. World in which people who have been forgotten, so they needed to watch and looking for not quite forgotten. Compare and discussed and constantly asked her magic mirror "Mirror, Mirror in January tell who is most beautiful in the world and makes the most beautiful squares. Or is it my neighbor?
In this world, the lights were bright and everything was on display. People's lives, what it ate, who were on the table, who wrote with whom you met when you were drunk or who recently have modern interior design could not see him enough to one another. The masses were small because people have increasingly less need for others and from being together really. Eating fast and move on without time to assess.

In the lower Kingdom was the opposite. More hidden, more secretive world. Not be seen as soon as you enter the realm. There or have someone take you or to find your way to it. There things were true or at least such masters like to make them. Real wood. Matte surfaces in which no shadows and reflections. There, everything was muted to give way to another. Conversation or feeling. You're there with someone. You want this time to stay and remember it. Because you know that this is most important. Not the world that surrounds you, not the surface that may be around this modern interior design. And someone's eyes they see and can be found in them. And the moment that will remain. Such was the lower kingdom. World of magic and feel.

Not told of their brothers and golden apple. It nobody knows where it is only legends wore around the kingdom. Not knowing can cook and it is used in some apple pie by mistake. In the upper world were only trees and other signs of the golden apple. They say that there were hidden cards and finding. They say it was hidden somewhere deep in the lower world, guarded by our own demons. The road to it was difficult. Most people do not like to look, had to abandon the upper world to go down to the bottom, and most had forgotten the road. Moreover, most believers of fairy tales that the chef cooked in January was in error. And we believe we can even eat it, so why they were ever to do so.

So ends this tale, and if you go to discover other worlds you can visit these two at least as a start and look for the golden apple of modern interior furniture design. As you continue the story as you find fit.

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