Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brass bedroom furniture from Italy

When in Italy furniture catalogs enrich their products, we strive to include them in all kinds and style of furniture with which to satisfy all possible tastes of our customers.
 Among them, inevitably there are those who want to escape from tradition and leave all borders and interior furnishings. For those of our customers have a new proposal - brass bedrooms, manufactured by Italian finesse Cortezari - Italy. The company is 1970. Then the young master Zari Reno decided to invest massively in the casting of brass furniture and gradually end the reputation of sleeping beneath his hands, tables and chairs left the confines of Italy.
Brass is an alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc. To achieve certain properties are added in small quantities and other metals - aluminum or nickel. Color varies from silver alloy in yellow to golden. It is determined by the ratio of different ingredients in alloys - zinc, copper and aluminum. Brass bedroom Cortezari that reaches your home through Italy Furniture, are suitable not only for home d├ęcor, but furnishings of the VIP suites in hotels.

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