Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Luxurious bedrooms and from Alta Moda Furniture Italy

Alta Moda Italian factory
 There are many compositions in the bedrooms of the Italian company Alta Moda, shipped to Bulgaria by our company Furniture Italy has some of which will appeal to your taste for home decor.
Alta Moda Italian factory pays special attention to every detail and create not just a collection of separate elements, a charming and elegant collection that will decorate any interior.
 Alta Moda is a guarantee for sexiness and seduction, creativity and seductive carving.
Individual details in the bedrooms at first glance may seem like a work of art, decorated with lace and feather ornaments of gold and silver. The composition includes a bedroom Atelier than the bed itself, Lamps, rugs, bed, blankets, soft pillows and duvet ...
 All elements of the bedrooms composition Atelier is an elegant embossed emblem - a symbol of luxury bedroom furniture.
Alta Moda Furniture company has established a collection of three bedrooms Chic completely different colors. One option is brindle trim and soft beige. Each of the bedrooms has a luxurious Chic, sophisticated forms aesthetically elaborate.
 Chic option other bedrooms designed in soft, creamy color that creates an atmosphere of calm. The bedroom has a mild and smooth curves, and fantastic forms: in the form of cakes, round bed.
The third option is Chic black with a gorgeous design and brilliant polished elements.
Another collection of bedroom furniture is Tiffany. It is decorated in a classic cream color. Even the mirror in the bedroom Tiffany e "dressed" with bushy framework. As in other collections of Alta Moda circular bed in the bedroom Tiffany has a back that can look like you or a royal crown or a peacock's tail.

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