Thursday, August 18, 2011

Living room furniture

 Modern design for your Living Room
 Our studio team is dedicated to the ideal of elegance and beauty in the world around us for interior design living room. To achieve this goal, we create paintings that help us to redo our environment to a more exciting, more memorable and more beautiful so that our living room look beautiful. Our design of the wall paintings are unique wallpaper, posters, individual home textiles, Venetian blinds, fabric patterns on the floor of the living room giving high sensitivity.

Try to imagine how they painted a beautiful picture on the wall of the room for their children "and the joy it will bring your children into the living room. Or, imagine the entrance to the block or house, and the front wall above the stair case - decorated with beautiful frescos! Or some of the rooms in your office, shops, restaurants ... and how, hotel rooms, which are none descript otherwise, will now enter into life ...
Any design that you see here may be changed depending on your preferences and specific needs of interior design solutions for living - both in size and color.
 Interior design of the murals in the living room can be done by ourselves, with our "DIY" system, and if they can not devote time to painting, our team can do for you.
 In the gallery you can see some comments and implemented projects for interior design living room.

 We also have opportunities for design of interior design of your living room, those of you who might have their own ideas for everyday and would like to help us realize them. For more information on this issue, as desired.
 Beauty and joy - that makes us happy. Our 15 years experience in the design, mural painting and illustration gives us confidence to say that we do and your interior design for living, exciting and unique.

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