Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Design ideas for small outdoor spaces

Small outdoor space

Would you be close to nature in your own home? Create a small garden in front of his house and find out what is your idea of ​​forming this space. This is more than just a place where children play, this is a place where the whole family can have fun and to dissolve.
Turn the small outdoor space in blooming garden design.

To turn the place into a garden outside the house, means having a place to rest in the hot summer days, a place to greet guests and to be close to nature. Outdoor spaces are now not just a place where your children go to play. This is a cozy nook where you can get the whole family. It can be for living room or an extra room at home. You can even turn your garden into a recreational area where you can organize special events such as home theater with family and friends.

 Decide how you want your garden to look. Use natural elements and adapt them to the space you have available. You can be creative even if you do not have much space. And the smallest corner in your garden can be used to build a room with two wooden chairs and small table.
The whole garden can be created as a place to live outdoors. To unload a full, surround yourself with lots of greenery. To save space, you can put pots hanging gardens with flowers. Also, if sections of the garden areas will make outer space more interesting and will break situation. Each of these areas can be used throughout the year when the weather is nice, but why not in the cold winter days when the first snow has fallen?
 Below we offer some ideas for shaping the garden. You can use all or combine a few - no rules, you can do whatever makes you feel good in your garden.
It is so hard to create a place for fun and relaxation
If you have enough space, you can put a gazebo to cover with climbing plants and flowers.
 And if you can not afford it, cover the patio with fresh greenery and do not forget to add at least a small garden with beautiful flowers that add color. However, if you dream of a gazebo, you can replace it with , covered with creeping roses. If this is too much focus in the garden you can fall on a decorative waterfall or rockery. In a garden plant is required, but if you want to focus precisely on them, use hedges instead of fences or "upgrade" to iron. Also, if space permits, you can specify one or more secluded spots with hedges or shrubs.
Build outdoor fireplace to enjoy your yard even when the weather is cooler.
If you have a large terrace, you can put garden furniture, sun loungers and umbrellas there.
To be more fun for kids, you can add a simple hammock or swing between the trees in the yard and in the presence of more space - why not slide. You can also create a creative playground for little kids - workshop in which to create with natural materials from the garden. This will not have much space - only one table and some chairs or benches. At the same time they can use it as a private summer dining.

With the choice of flooring for the garden, we recommend stones or clay pavers. You can also put rugs on wooden or concrete pavement in the yard. For areas where children play, use wood chips or recycled rubber flooring to their more comfortable and limit injuries.
 The home decor is easy to achieve, even with small investment The construction of a beautiful garden on a small area does not necessarily mean an additional burden on your budget - you can build your garden a little bit and enjoy it.
Fun when you go to the nearest flea market or a yard sale to find some new ideas and to get interesting benefits for garden.

If you do not find the trim that you like, remember that you do not have to necessarily new to find a place in your garden. Use benches or outdated furniture of bamboo or wrought iron, correct them if necessary and you can refresh them or spray them with spray paint. Remove the parts for repair or are obsolete and replace them with new ones.

Select a general topic for the court and comply with it accessories. Bring new life to furniture for the terrace as sew pillow cushions them or add them interesting embroideries or prints.

Put flowers, herbs and unusual plants in pots outside my garden. This may be your old pots and boxes that manuscript or with children are painted or covered with leaves, twigs colorful, decorative paper, etc. And can devise new from woody material, plastic, cardboard and other.
 Choose accents that naturally fit into the overall idea of ​​outer space.
Place lamps, candlesticks and moving lights on the tables. Choose ones with a soft light to create a cozy atmosphere to enjoy nature and its natural beauty.

Hand-made wind bells or bells, especially those made from natural materials like wood, shells and other shells will add a sound system in the garden and you will feel the natural relaxation.
You can use clay or terracotta judges, pebbles and shells. Make garlands of vines. Crafted with their children art objects from the cones, twigs, leaves and hanging plants and put them in decorative containers or pots.
Remember! Always bet on materials that are suitable for use in outdoor conditions.

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