Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cozy and colorful cuisine of Italy Furniture

Colorful Furniture
 Select the color of the kitchen is not easy. The color of the kitchen must comply unless the nature of the owner and the taste quality. Choosing the right color for the kitchen will make it more pleasant place and give it an atmosphere that inspires culinary experiments.

The color of the kitchen can influence in a different way to anyone who enters it. That's why there are some general rules that are recommended to be followed in selecting the primary and secondary color for your kitchen. If the kitchen is a dark side natural sunlight, it is advisable to choose colors: apricot, peach, lemon, pink ...

If your kitchen is exposed to excessive light, the kitchen furniture to choose blue, green or gray. The most controversial color is white for the kitchen. This color on the one hand allows visually expand the space makes it seem easier, clearer. Many people do not accept white for the kitchen because they remind hospital wards.
 Overall, the kitchen will look most warm and inviting with warm colors. Yellow is cheerful, stimulating imagination, which is especially important for the hosts during cooking. For mood and contributes very orange. Furthermore, it is orange stimulate appetite. But it is not recommended for small kitchen, as will visually shrink the space.

The brown color will add warmth to the kitchen. But this is so quiet that surrounded it, rather you want to relax in blissful sleep, than to cook.

Red, like orange stimulates appetite, but its use in large quantities can lead to aggression and anger. In addition, if the predominant color in the kitchen, and you can bring to stress.
Cool colors are also widely used in kitchens. And most - blue. Blue can be very kitchen furniture, curtains, terracotta. And light blue, dark blue and a friendly atmosphere in the kitchen.

Green is the color of nature. So this color is perfect for the kitchen. Balances and calms. Moreover, green is associated with healthy food. Purple is not recommended for the room in which to eat and cook. Better to use it only as ornaments or accessories in yellow or gold. Purple can get you into depression.

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