Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to install a shower screen ...

Shower Screen

Tired of drowning his bathroom where a shower? (And I know what I mean trust me ...) And of course, beautiful shower curtains, it does not grow on trees then the day is your mission: Install shower screen ... Okay, but how?

Gather the right tools: drill, pencil, ruler, level.

 Prepare your workout: Draw a mark on the bottom of the wall about 3 cm away from the tank and use a standard vertical line from that point. Then mark the holes to determine the shower screen.

 First pilot hole (with a nail, for example), then drill with a drill (not to be invented ...) with a lower speed.

 Installing the shower screen: identify the profile and then turn the lens shower.

Important: The display must not exceed the shower shower head at least 15 cm of pain that made all this for nothing!

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