Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A chic decor inserted in a beautiful settin

 A chic decor inserted in a beautiful setting, in Cerro Maggiore, near Milan (we save the details for the customer's privacy).
The kitchen was designed ball on one long wall bearing in mind the great "out of square" of side walls, the desire to "hit" the hob with hood over the room, and the intent to "move" the design with typical molded parts (base and base kitchen sink): the result is a large kitchen with a large work surface, but also lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.
The table and chairs Paso Hola were chosen to be used daily as a kitchen table and chairs, but is also a representation and use of conviviality: the table Paso opens from 190 to 235 and then 280, and the chairs Hola shine for comfort and durability.
The living Mood demonstrates its flexibility even in this situation, with three distinct elements dedicated to different functions: the composition dedicated to entertainment with the bench on the floor, drawers, baskets and the convenient panel TV flat screen televisions with side brackets, the belief has the double sided function ideally divide the space between the kitchen and living room and provide additional containment capacity, the library Abaco with the shoulders of aluminum, container doors, thick shelves and hanging overhead. The living room Swing was developed in-depth on size (slightly smaller than standard) and an ottoman in coordinated measures as in the drawing.
The geo-stone wall in the bedroom is really beautiful and enhances the decor with the Arc bed with storage, nightstands and mirror Club Profile: on the one hand we have a table with 2 drawers, a bedside table to the other 1 tray resting on a bench together with the mirror Club The cabinet Fa-curtain has 3 sliding doors, the internal drawer, and a measure of cm. 296.
 Of the 2 bathrooms strong personality: the service was specifically designed with attention to aesthetics and color combinations, while that even though being a modern composition and completely suspended, it is certainly more roomy and easy thanks to all containers and a glass top.
 The Sphere kitchen has light oak doors and the floor Okite Absolute White. The table has the structure Paso painted aluminum with a glass top printed white glossy finish, the chairs Hola share the structure of the table but have PVC seat and back in green (the great pairing with the color of the wall). The holiday mood is completely made of light oak wood with details in aluminum handles, frames of the windows, passing behind the library. The sofa and ottoman Swing are fully removable fabric: a cover story from the unique and special ... "to discover" seeing him in person.
The Arc bed with bedside tables and benches are wooden profile of dark oak, the F-curtain cabinet is in dark bronze and crystal.
 The bathroom is an interesting combination between the glossy orange spot of the mirror, the suspended top zebrano and lacquered glossy white drawers on wheels, and the master bathroom is bright red lacquer with glass colored white.
 Special thanks to Gabriel and Valeria who have chosen us for their furniture and they gave us a chance to better express their taste and lifestyle through our services. Finally, a compliment for the refinement of some details, from objects to walls.

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