Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mood is a collection of living room furniture with great flexibility

 Mood is a collection of living room furniture with great flexibility: Here we see a room built for a customer in Milan.
The main composition, dedicated to the TV and entertainment, measuring cm. 300 and has been carefully coordinated lowering in general and the work of the plaster room. All bases, TV is the bench that the pending "trucks", depth 45 and measuring can be opened with "push-pull". At the rear wall panels have been applied with light shelves, each with its own switch recessed. The upper part is occupied by five units with hinged door square glass coffee color. It is a composition only apparently simple but in fact, highly customized.
 In the following images the area "office". The customer has expressed the need to exploit the space and the space under the stairs hallway leading to the dining room and kitchen. Here is a custom cabinet that "runs" around the fifth-hand scale in which runs a port such as "treasure chest" on the living room doors have no handles for a clean design and unity of the whole, on the other hand, have office the handles to facilitate the ease of access to the containers. The other element is composed of a column and use hanging from a further container with low lateral support surface to resume than front.

Materials: wood light oak cabinets with aluminum frame and glass coffee colored.

Notes: Special thanks to Clare and Stephen Milan for allowing us to create a setting so treated. Congratulations on your good taste and attention with which they decorated their living room has a beautiful clear glass vase at the side of the scale but ... a bit 'too small on the TV! ;-) (Joking of course, given the good relationship with Stephen did a great job with the integration of home-theater in the room).

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