Monday, March 19, 2012

Lounge and Day for the holidays

 We present the design of interior of a building "class A" in the province of Como, designed and built by our partner Realty Arkè with energy savings as a basic policy of constructive options.
The estate of Mariano Comense Borromea is the first residential condominium building across Lombardy to be certified with Energy Class A: A "green home" that offers savings for the owner and a "gift" to the environment.
 Images seen in some of the projects for the apartments of the building Borromea Location: S64 collections for kitchen, Lounge and Day for the holidays, Sirius's Room, Swing to the salons, and Mixer Avenue for the cabinets, the paneling Marlene , to review the setting of spaces in single rooms and are an excellent starting point for customization that our designers can offer to the owners.

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