Friday, March 16, 2012

Compact and functional collection designed with the Mood

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Stay compact and functional collection designed with the Mood. The capacity and the proportion of closed and open spaces was obtained by superimposing two beliefs: the lower sliding glass doors with wood and drawers, the upper two leaves. To merge them into a whole library network that coordinated the "run" around them.
Unique element is the cube multipurpose, which can switch the TV from the couch that is easily visible from the kitchen table and, more inside the entertainment is housed comfortably all the associated wiring.
In the penultimate image with an overview of the dining table, the last image a belief suspended, also made with Mood, at the entrance of the house but "visible" from the living area.

Materials: wood light oak frames and door handles aluminum, glass or etched glass ruby red.
Mood is available in many finishes.

Notes: Special thanks to Laura and Matthew, with their good taste, we were given the opportunity to make a stay very compact but very functional, which fully expresses the values ​​of the high decoration.
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