Monday, March 19, 2012

Furniture in Milan

 Let's assume that for every room of this house you will find more detailed product data in different sections of our catalog: Modern Period, Modern Kitchens, Doors-Accessories, Bathroom Furniture, Bedding, and Modern Groups bed, wardrobes, sliding wardrobes (look for "Milan" with "Search Catalog").
Little background: the client comes to us recommended by another client of Cerro Maggiore, where you can find many images on our catalog, and shows to have been very, very clear ideas about what they want, both aesthetically and technically. Our role was to then implement the best wishes, in this case already explicit enough, the customer. The contribution of the interior in this case was increased on all aspects of technical-structural and sizing, and less as regards the color combinations.
What can I say ... we are thrilled with the result and hopefully you too can appreciate the elegance of the furniture which, we assure you, "live" atmosphere reveals that images can not convey.
 The materials used for this house are different but follow a common thread that binds all rooms marrying perfectly with the floor and wall painting.
Living in light oak and crystal brown dining room in oak, aluminum door frames and glass with opaque white lacquered, bleached oak kitchen, polished and lacquered white Corian white bathrooms wood dark oak bedroom group in oak ; wardrobe laminated light oak finish, oak cabinets and sliding glass bronzed.
  We have them in different tabs thanked our catalog ... but thank you again Clare and Stephen Milan for giving us the opportunity to express the values ​​of the high decor with these rooms that "exude" their and our passion.

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