Friday, March 16, 2012

Tecna kitchen laminate light

 To fully enjoy the images click on printable version. A day room about 19 square meters, large but not particularly well organized in space, good looking and practical living. Fulcrum is a partition of the environment on the one hand stay and double sided entrance, the other element of service to the kitchen: what you see on the one hand you do not see the other. A cooking technique and subdued colors used to its practical function without creating conflicts with a partition in the overlay. The effective contrast with the area they are found at the table (extendable up to 2 meters) and the living room. Note the clever use of an ottoman with ball depending on the functions that use turns into love seat, ottoman or the peninsula itself. Completing all of the containers to complement the sofa.
 Materials: Tecna kitchen laminate light oak color (240 colors) mounted on the doors with aluminum frame. Interparete System All in white laminate mounted on aluminum structures available in different heights; Bussolotti the shelves and are available in other colors and laminated in all RAL lacquered. Picture with white laminate top table and chairs Eva orange polypropylene available in different colors; structures are metallic aluminum finish. Boston living room with solid fir, foam seats, backrests in foam. Side containers System All in light oak colored laminate.

Notes: Thanks to Andrew and Laura Cermenate for the possibility that we have offered a compliment ... with particular taste in the choice of colors and accessories that personalize the decor.

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