Friday, March 16, 2012

Living area with large sliding doors

 Monoblock is a new concept of TV cabinet, a "block" divided into 2 distinct areas linked by a large sliding door. For television, the back panel for TV equipped with shelves and cable management and to contain the library disappeared, the lower pull-out baskets in the collection Ego has assisted closure and can be equipped with elements for CD and DVD.
Interesting side and top lighting effect that creates the perfect light for viewing on your plasma or LCD.
Available with TV compartment on the left or right; available in cm. Or 225 cm. 289.

Materials: The base with drawers can be white glossy (lacquer or polymer) or dark oak. The sliding door and internal shelves can be lacquered in any color, the leaf in particular also in the beautiful polished ebony finish. The backs are available in glossy white, glossy black, dark oak or hickory.

Notes: Perfectly coordinated finishes the extensive collection of holiday Day

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