Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Furniture in Misinto

 It 's been a pleasure to make this furniture for a client of Misinto, near Milan. This is an apartment of a young couple who, while remaining within a set budget, he wanted to focus on customized solutions and reliable materials.
The Day stay in a composition of great success, but with slightly aesthetically appropriate containers. The Canova is a 3 seater sofa bed with removable and has before him the cute matching faux leather ottoman and coffee table and opened Liftable Eleven, for use with Pocket folding chairs.
The S64 is an important composition kitchen with peninsula kitchen hood to the ceiling, the column with 2 ovens, built-in boiler and the roof as you can see a large peninsula that serves as both a work plan and consumption.
The bedroom is beautiful and very effective in the management of space, with the container bed, the bridge structure around the bed (but kept light enough), bedside tables with drawers on wheels, the angle-home office area for the Personal Computer and the large sliding wardrobe with 3 doors with television mounted in a "bold" but totally effective.
 The bathroom line Top with curved base and double sink is suspended and is striking for its magnificent glass top with 2 baths and beautiful cast mixer with aerator (no dripping or splashing over the bath itself).
In the hallway of the apartment a 6x6 closet with washer and recessed, between the cabinet and the wall itself, Pocket folding chairs ready for use.
 Materials: Living Day in wenge, glossy orange with bases and wall units with glass mink-colored aluminum frame, leather sofa with structure in Canova orange (like the pouf), red fabric pillows machine washable Eleven coffee table with structure satin and silk-screened glass top frosted neutral.
S64 in oak painted kitchen cabinets with frosted glass, scratch resistant laminate finish of wenge sp. 6 cm.
 Bedroom Young oak stained wenge with special matt orange; Fa-closet sliding curtain in wenge stained oak and orange crystal.
Bathroom Line Top with wenge stained oak floor and tanks in silver crystal.
 Notes: A big thank you to Mark and Letizia for several reasons: for choosing us, for allowing us to photograph their "nest" and especially to their liking.

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