Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mattress Sultan by IKEA

 Let us pay attention and explore the most famous in the IKEA Sultan mattress to help you make the best choice when it comes to your sleep and comfort.
 Mattress Sultan offered by IKEA combines great product with low price, and these models can be found at a different range of styles and prices. Finnvik Sultan mattress is memory foam, which offers many advantages Sultan mattresses. Hansbo's a great model if you insist on a pillowtop mattress Sultan.
 Sultan Harestua combines affordability with comfort and value. In Sultan Hasselback model is a combination of foam and components twice comfort. Huglo is very widely available model, it has many features that can be held still Sultan.
 IKEA Sultan mattress are twenty-five-year warranty that covers the springs and foam or latex core. Warranty does not cover underwear Sultan, however.
 The cheapest Sultan mattress is Florvag, about a hundred million dollars to double size mattress. This Sultan mattress is made primarily from polyurethane foam with a washable cotton cover, and the ship rolled.
 At the top of the line of the Sultan, we find foam mattresses Sultan as Fjordgard, Erfjord, and Egenes, all in the 5-600 dollars. These mattresses memory foam or natural latex for better ventilation and washable covers made of cotton / polyester.
 The IKEA Sultan mattress feel pride for the company. These mattresses offer guaranteed quality that they come with a 25-year warranty, which is very rare in the market for mattresses but this is still a Sultan.
 Quality of Sultan mattress is tested by:

Testing of the body: the body of the Sultan mattress is tested for how it reacts in different positions for sleep, repeated 10,000 times.
 Testing the Sultan mattresses: the ends of the IKEA Sultan mattresses are tested to see if it's easy to sit on the edge of the bed to get or get out of bed. The test is performed by placing 220-pound weight on the edge of the bed 20,000 times.

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