Monday, March 19, 2012

New bedrooms Clever ,style and culture

 The technology meets style and culture, marrying respect for nature.
The world CLEVER material respects each identity considering ecology and environmental care an issue of primary importance. A healthy product with no toxic substances to protect young people and educates them to love everything that is natural.
From the smallest to the largest technology predominate, communication dominates and threatens to alter the universe of values ​​made ​​for the simple and authentic things, like water-based paints, wood and fabrics.
The rhythm of colors, the endless technologies, the pace of graphs volumes create an alchemy of the project that now qualifies the children space in a real world in tune with the preferences youth.
A way of life awaits the little ones, a horizon of the biggest choices: the space of flows CLEVER accompanies this world pure and authentic, but without invading the privacy enhancing its character.

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