Friday, September 30, 2011

One bathroom for the whole family

The bathroom in the family home is a place shared by all and must offer security and comfort.

A large tub in the bathroom for more than one person is perfect for small children. If the bath tub includes an integrated seat offers the convenience of an adult to supervise the child's bathroom. Make sure the bath tub you have non-slip floor.
 If the place is small, the bathroom is necessarily the position of the tub, this is an isolated cabin to allow children to wash spray without rest. If the baby home, there are trade stands for baby showers and tubs in the bathroom, baby long legs.

If there is space in the bathroom, a very good choice in the matter is a major sink or double sink area. This avoids the difficulty of the movements of two people in "rush hours".

Of washing and drying can be found in the bathroom, provided that they comply with the rules on power plants. Next a low chair unwashed, for use by children.

An important issue is the preservation of the family bathroom. In toiletries such as shampoo, conditioners, soaps, etc. to be arranged in the corner where the tub or shower, baby products on the lower shelves. Bath toys placed in a perforated basket to dry. Cleaning products, medicines and sharp objects should be stored at a height greater than the height of the child or in a locked cabinet in the bathroom. Beauty products and cosmetics to be near the sink, but in a way that protects them from moisture and dust. Finally towels to be near a bathtub or shower cabinet with wheels or a special pocket for towels on the radiator.

Finally, this is our bathroom consists of beautiful colors and objects that children feel comfortable and happy.

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