Friday, September 30, 2011

Change the bathroom

How boring to have beautiful, bright, white bathroom, marble or not? See what you can do in the bathroom to change.
 Place the plant in front of the mirror. The plant gives vitality, grace and color to the bathroom. When placed in front of the mirror, the bathroom looks bigger.
 Place towel over the bathroom in space, the earth and depending on the background is colored and becomes a beautiful bathroom.

If you have a dark bathroom and classic, you can see how the transformations with simple movements:
It is better to invest in a really good bench in the bathroom with a large mirror to show the largest area. Putting two sinks in the bathroom is mandatory and very practical. After a person's accessories in the bathroom, chose a modern and luxurious, to pull the eye where you want. Finally, in the bathroom when there is enough storage space remains unused. You can decorate the walls of the bathroom closet with high extended frames to give height and color in space.

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