Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funky available in bathroom

Transform easily and with minimum costs the most neglected decorative space in your home into a stylish funky oasis of calm and relaxation.
Draw your curtains: If you represent the various designs of bath curtains on the market you can make your own curtain with your own personal taste. Use any fabric you like, enough to coat the inner side with plastic to prevent wear.
Draw the floor: Turn your bathtub into an ornament designing a pattern on the floor to the frames. Draw first draft in a big cardboard and cut it with a chisel and use it as a stencil on the floor. Then paint with oil paint pattern or with a satin paint and do not forget to stop by on a layer of varnish to protect the paint.
Window color: Provide an extra sparkle to the space by changing the color of the window. Try for example curtains in a bright turquoise color. Ca strongest effects you can tie a ribbon color that gives a contrast such as red or magenta.
Sit down please: If you are the lucky people who have a large spacious bathroom, then a chaise longue is the must afford for your space. One option is a chair that will create a personal space for relaxation and comfort.
Makeshift frames: The white walls of your bathroom is a wonderful backdrop to create a composition. Make sure the frames have all the same color and patterns to blend in with the area and be thematically linked to each other. The frames you can hang it either in uniform or in random order.
Disco time: Create a party atmosphere in your bathroom hanging disco ball. "When you immerse yourself in your bathtub, light that glows in the balls you relax even more.

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