Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to get the kitchen clean and orderly

Take advantage of vertical space 

Place hooks under cabinets to hang cups on the counter or hang a metal bracket in the same spot for wine glasses. This will free up significant space in cupboards. You could also put stickers on the hooks inside the door of the closet or cellar to install tools such as scoops cookers, oven mitts and other kitchen items. Consider using the empty space on the wall or put rails on the ceiling to hang pots and pans. Remember that any space you can use to hang something will free up space inside a cabinet.

2: Use of rotating disks

The turntable can be used to place objects such as oil, vinegar and other ingredients as well as culinary herbs, vitamins or medicines. You can also use some of rotating disks in your refrigerator - one for drinks, so nothing is forgotten in the back and spoil or freeze, and even one for leftovers or small jars of pickles, olives or other small food items.

 3: Use drawer dividers

The drawer dividers are perfect for drawers with cooking tools and drawers with various objects. Everyone needs a place to guard various thingamajig, but need not be confused and asygyrista. The drawer dividers will allow you to assign a small box for each object and you can find it easily when you need it.

 4: Arrange your cards

Take a box sort magnet to stick on the side of the refrigerator for coupons, catalogs distribution of food at home, a notebook and a pen or other papers that accumulate on the benches. Any kind of paper should have its own space in the box classification.

 5: Clean the refrigerator

Place garbage bags near the trash and throw a stack of bags in it. So when you take a bag, there will already be below another that will be waiting to use. If you take your garbage out on the curb once a week, take advantage of that time to clean it well every week in your refrigerator. See what food is for trash and dispose of immediately. Then remove the garbage out on the pavement. The refrigerator will only fresh foods and less messy - and it takes only a few minutes.

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