Thursday, September 29, 2011

Five top tips for kitchen renovation

Imagine the idea 

Think how it would look like your new kitchen and what changes would you like it. The contractor will be specializing in kitchen renovations, and have at least three to four years experience.

2. Prepare a draft hood

You should tell the architect to prepare a draft hood of your choice and then begin the renovation in accordance with it.

In this project will determine the location of equipment such as cabinets, oven, refrigerator, etc.

3. Set budget

Before you begin the renovation process should choose the design of the kitchen picks up the pocket. Learn the exact price of each item to be purchased and pay the prescribed rates.

4. Choose the color of paint

You should choose light colors for your kitchen like pink, white or yellow. Be prepared for the colors and give information about the colors of your choice on your builder.

5. Be present during the renovation

You must be at home as your contractor working in the kitchen. Before deciding what to do in any critical situation should discuss with your builder.

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