Thursday, September 29, 2011

Health - everything starts from the pot

Take a look at kitchen cabinets. Fly utensils are in good condition and keep renewing the utensils you use every day. Get the perfect dish for a good and healthy cooking and be sure that the quality of food and your health will be secured.
 # Utensils Stainless Steel
 Either shiny or matte are 100% healthy. Not worn by food and water. The downside is that it gives a nice color to foods.

# Copper cookware
 Favorites large chef. Cook perfect dishes, but wear out easily and then releasing a toxic substance that can be harmful to health. Use salt and lemon juice to give extra shine to the utensils.
 # Pyrex
 It is convenient and safe. The food does not stick, easy to clean, but be careful because it breaks easily. It is mainly for food in the oven. As material is completely recyclable.

# Aluminium Utensils
 It utensils light and easy, but sometimes the food "sticks" and aluminum has some substances that are harmful to health. Nevertheless, does not react with acidic ingredients like tomatoes or lemon juice.
 # Clay pots
 Pots are considered among the most healthy dishes, but is time consuming, because the clay is slow to warm up delaying the food to "cook".

# Nonstick cookware
 The food is cooked very quickly and not sticky. They need attention, because it is easily scratched and then it is harmful to health.

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