Thursday, September 29, 2011

The lighting in the bathroom

Today the bathroom is a haven of calm and relaxation. This is almost impossible to happen without proper lighting in the area. The lighting in the bathroom should be the one ensuring that the various activities in front of the mirror will be made easily without discoloration or strong shadows, and the other should create conditions for relaxation and tranquility.

As it is known that water and electricity do not work easily, the key thing to notice is to ensure the proper and safe electrical installation. Lighting is suitable for the bathroom is flush with the necessary degree of protection, lighting where the metal part is covered and the lights surrounding the bulb completely. There are in the market and specially designed lighting for use near water.

A good solution is indirect lighting fixtures that will be incorporated behind the curtain or under the bathroom cabinet, but keep in mind to combine everything and general lighting. So the lights reflected on the surfaces of the bathroom, offering a soft and mild effect.
 The lighting of the face in the mirror is a very important point to note. The most correct solution is a combination lamps flush in the ceiling with wall sconces that the mirror is illuminated by 3 sides and avoided the intense light over the mirror and the weak light that leaves the face in shadow. You can also use special lighting such as bathroom mirrors with integrated lighting for shaving, the small lights inside the cabinets operate with the door. As for the light sources the most appropriate solution is the light bulb as the light emitted is warm and flattering to the face.

The size of the number and position of windows in the bathroom playing very important role in lighting the room. The existence of 2 windows preferably opposite each other offers the best solution and the room thus lighted and from 2 sides. Also creating openings in the roof in the form of skylight, will increase both the quantity of natural light in space, but will also create a sense of spaciousness.

Today technology has advanced so much that you have the potential for lighting allow implement every idea and proposal. What is necessary to achieve the most beautiful and correct solution to the installation of lighting in your bathroom is to make a comprehensive study on site and care in advance of the design of appropriate rules that will create a functional and flexible space that will Your comfort, pleasure and relaxation.

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