Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Steps to a tidy kitchen

Empty the closets 

Take everything out of every closet and edit. Dispose of or treat those that are not frequently used as double items, broken items or things you forgot you had. Do this in every cupboard and drawer having separate floor for each category. Be ruthless. Most kitchens do not have enough storage space, so the goal is to have only things you love and use.

2: Group the items you like.

When you empty all your cabinets, consider what is best for you as to how to group the items. Put in order all the tools and gather the pastry together. Put in order your cooking utensils and stack them together. Clusters of dishes, glassware, festive or other seasonal items that you use once or twice a year as well as those serving accessories or containers that you use only occasionally.

 3: Organize closets

Now that you have grouped objects on the floor, decide where to place each one of them. The cookware and utensils pastry should be near food preparation area. Cooking tools should also be placed in the drawer closest to this area. Glassware would best be located near the sink or refrigerator. Prepare a room coffee or tea that contain sugar, cups and filters and install them if possible near a water source. This is to avoid back and forth to the kitchen for things that just need to prepare your breakfast drink.

 4: Use clear containers to store items

Use storage containers to optimize the inside of your closet. Group together things like packaging sauces, sauces, whole grains and packets of cocoa powder and then put them in small plastic containers to avoid spreading them throughout the closet. Use plastic shoe boxes to store materials that are cooking in small containers like gelatin or pudding powders.

 5: Store containers and lids with

Discard containers without lids and store the remaining plastic containers or sealed with lids, or store the lids in another larger container so they are all together. Do the same with the lids of pots and pans. A large clear plastic box will keep them together and each vertically. Another option is to store them vertically in the closet to wiring compartments dishes.

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