Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cube Cat Kitchens

 In this case, he had very clear ideas in terms of aesthetics and function: the objective was to combine these ideas with the technical aspects of construction and the practicality of the kitchen.
In the first four images of the overviews in which you perceive the space and the perfect coordination between the kitchen, counter and wall-wall glass and cement. In particular, the fifth image of the convenient pull-out pantry. In the sixth dispensation to the double glass doors specially provided with lighting and sockets for domestic use as a work area (180 ° hinges help do that), beside it the column with the column oven and boiler (the grand result of the total concealment of the exhaust pipe of the fumes).
In the seventh image refinement lowered edge of the basin, the channel back-top aluminum, and the fitting "to size" between Okite-cement and glass.
 In the eighth picture the roof tilt open and the detail of the beehive aluminum. In the ninth image edge "unghiatura" plan Okite.
In the tenth picture a basket equipped for the dishes (in the absence of draining). Eleventh image is a very convenient snack counter. In the last image an overall view of the dining room (with a hand sticking out from Laura in the photo).
 Materials: Food made ​​with the collection of Cube Cat Kitchens bleached oak with custom sides, floor and wall cover-Okite Absolute White (stupendo!); snack counter of solid oak with scratch-resistant finish.
Whirlpool ovens, dishwashers Rex, Bosch refrigerator, Falmec hood, sink and PC Foster.
 Notes: Special thanks to Laura and Matthew, with their good taste, we were given the opportunity to create a beautiful kitchen that fully expresses the values ​​of the high decoration.
Experience in the Modern Period as we got the living room.

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