Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Made in Milan Zerocinque

 Made in Milan Zerocinque This refined kitchen with Corian.
In the first four pictures the sink area, kitchen and work surface. In the four subsequent images the so-called office area with a wide top suspension, washing the column oven with a built-column larder fridge and pull the column.
In the two subsequent images the passage between the kitchen and dining area, highly integrated at both design and materials. In the last two images an overview of the dining room with columns Zerocinque containers, Yang chairs and a table hand made by a cousin of the customer.
 Materials: Wooden white oak for foundations, columns and brackets, glossy white lacquer cabinets, flat top with integrated white Corian backsplash, shelves and a shoulder structure in white laminate.

Notes: Thanks to Clare and Stephen for this beautiful kitchen that we can be proud of. We must admit that seeing the photos (already pretty well) we realize how much more beautiful would be clicking them during the day by combining the natural with the artificial light ... it will mean that as soon as possible to come back to see you!

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