Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A unique, rich in detail, stimulating and aesthetically "light"

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A unique, rich in detail, stimulating and aesthetically "light". For the conformation of the spaces do not have the classic "paretona" library / TV room, but a split into three separate but always visually connected: the dining area, the entrance area / passage, the recreation area.
 In the first three images some overviews that allow you to grasp even the beautiful game drops (admittedly ... idea of ​​the customer).
 In the fourth and fifth image of suspended belief table service: here the subject is belief-contorniata an imposing frame that transforms the whole into a decorative solution, as it were a painting. The frame thickness of 3 cm. has a size of 260x200, has the grafts of the angles 45 ° and, above all, is detached by 15 cm. from the rear wall: it was much easier to apply it directly to the wall, but his boss creates a nice effect emphasis that seems to make it "float" in the air.
 In the sixth and seventh image here is a table and chairs. Four Sharon and four cream leather with red leather accents offer: design, comfort and quality high. The table comes from a great idea of ​​our client, Tiziana: a simple wooden table with a base of travertine that then "released" from the table. The realization Diotti A & F was an up-to measure "total": the top 5 cm thick dark oak. (The same thickness of all of the top of the shelves and library) has a measure of cm. 140x140, just to accommodate eight people at the center was a hole in the pantograph upholding the central plate of travertine, the base is made of a wooden core covered with slabs of travertine spliced ​​at 45 ° and then polished to reveal all as a single block; the whole was finally fixed to a bottom plate of 3 cm. (Finished with felt at the bottom).
 In the eighth and ninth image here is that the library is a deep "variation on" series "Travertine" found in section Complements-Libraries: four columns positioned freely (in-line, L, to 135 ° as shown), connected finished with shelves on all four sides, in a sequence "mathematics" shelves "long" connect the various columns alternating with the "short" to complete the composition. The library function is to divide the entrance area from the dining room without "hiding" at the same time you will get many shelves for personal items, usable by both sides.
In the tenth and eleventh image we find the area "input": access to housing and move to the kitchen and sleeping area. Walk in and you can enjoy all the space without perceiving the presence of the only purely functional element: a cupboard for use in shallow hanging; convenient for concealing electric, cordless phone and intercom.
In the twelfth image of the particular belief "input-to-back sofa" that he had glimpsed in the two previous photos: This piece is now part of "support-service" as soon as they enter the apartment, as well as ideally divide the entrance area from the relaxation . Act in the future by supporting a glass "art" that the client wishes to make a craftsman glassmaker. Note the bevel of 45 ° terminal and the coordination with the living room behind him.
 In the thirteenth image here is the living room with kitchen meridienne Turban that you can see the simplicity, despite the three colors of leather and fabrics, and perfect alignment to the rear entrance of the belief.
In the fourteenth and last image here is the TV area. This reflects the concept of the input terminal 45 ° and repeated on the base TV (complete with internal holes and rear for the passage of the threads) and on the two side shelves. Note how it is "attached" to the composition of the radiator without invalidate the heating power.

Materials: Oak wood dark collection Mood, dark oak and travertine for exclusive pieces Diotti A & F (table and library), dark oak and leather chairs Sharon, leather Rocky Ivoire and fabrics washed in the washing machine for living Turban.

Notes: Special thanks to Simone Tiziana and who believed in us and gave us the opportunity of this unique achievement: you have expressed your needs and, admittedly, also invested financially, we have spent our entire professional design, production and assembly. The result, let us say, is already exciting now ... who knows when there will be glass, chandeliers, paintings ... and the new curtains! True Simone!?

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