Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home furnishings: bedroom

The love nest of each house is the bedroom

A place that must meet the needs of the couple from a practical point of view, aesthetic and emotional. We must choose carefully because anything that is not functional at rest can take of "damage".

And 'protagonist, will be modern or ancient, iron, wood, fabric. It can be placed in different positions: parallel to the window, perpendicular to it, or in the middle of the room "island". You choose if you have the pleasure of watching him outside where he could support the cabinet.

In the more modern houses will be replaced by a wardrobe closet. But if you can not get this space, you can choose a cabinet doors in multi-colored walls combined with so you do not make it too heavy.

The dresser is used little. The only accepted is the old one. Honestly, those in poor art or modern art are not beautiful: you assessed the need.

The mattress, however, can be wool, latex, polyurethane, spring or mixed composition. A proper support is provided mainly from latex or polyurethane and pocket sprung .. The ideal is that the mattress is between 15 and 20 cm. Try to stay in these measures. The boards are better than the classical network, now in disuse, because they guarantee a good sleep and good hygiene.

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