Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day and night, in a room

Black and White Modern furnish design
Day and night, in a room
In smaller homes is a necessary way. But it becomes a dynamic alternative in a great environment. We are talking about the contamination of environment day and night, upholstered furniture and enhanced by versatile and "double face": day bed, day bed, sofa beds, or beds without headboard island to be put anywhere in the room. Date mobile offers all-around, a bed designed to be placed also in the middle of the room. E 'characterized by the presence on the 4 sides of open space, drawer side opening system to "push" and head compartment with flap opening. To contain objects, lamps and TV support, and why not, even divide a large room. Contamination is summarized in the new proposals for Molteni & C: entries are called Night & Day, and is a seating system based on the theme of versatility, the ability to interpret the spaces through innovative solutions. The different solutions designed by the inspiration Patricia Urquiola - important sofa, chaise lounge or comfortable single bed - all are based on the idea of ​​transformation. Unlimited colors, sizes, adjustable backrests and accessories, to contain or display everyday objects can be combined to solve every problem of space and taste. But the real news is Wish: designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is part of the Wood, a tribute to the beauty, spontaneity, strength of wood. Wish bed in solid wood with clean lines and refined, has a soft cushion for the head, in fabric or leather, that combine with the wood frame: dark oak, gray oak, wenge or walnut. Elements completely removable. The beds are equipped with bench-seating, tables-container-valet sessions. Why, the bedroom should be comfortable. So Merdian think a bed, as Rogers, with its padded feet, the same fabric, so it looks like one.

The bed streamlines for lessons of seduction
Goodbye big heads and large, the angular contours ingrombranti (especially if you do not have much space available): the beds become thinner, and reduce the form without losing comfort. And the furniture? Disappeared. Wardrobes, bedside tables, chests of drawers, all relegated to a closet ad-hoc, not to stifle an already reduced. As proposed by Alivar rooms: a large head, unlike what has been said before, but a steel bed frame that soars and assoglia forms. Porro reverses the classical concept of bed: raised on 4 legs, Offshore has a thin head and jointed.

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