Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Space-saving furniture systems

We Bulgarians may lead the charts in "possession of their own home," but many of us are forced to live in "crowded" in much smaller homes than they actually need. Especially in big cities where people live in massive apartment studios, studios. So many people have to seek options for optimal design of every free corner of your home so that maximum use of space. Not accidentally invented and sofa bed, folding tables, chairs and counter tops and bunk beds:) Pretty much furniture these limited current ideas about furniture, to save space. Recently, however, found an American company that claims that when a revolution in furniture design and furniture in particular, saving space. The company is said and Resource Furniture was founded in 2000 turned out, however, that the revolution did not make Americans who appear like distributors and Italian company Clei, which has much of American history - has launched its innovative activity in 1962

The solutions offered by Italian designers make it possible to turn the desk with all the widgets on it arranged in a comfortable bed, with just one touch. Folded vertically along the wall bed is not a new concept, but in the video everything looks so smooth and lubricated, that really impressed by the performance itself, rather than the idea that as I said, there is a long time.

Otherwise, furniture systems seem particularly suitable for small children and teen rooms, which must be divisible by 2 or more children. Thanks to them, each child can have his own desk and bed in this very beautiful in appearance!

For me impressed everyday police (or in our so-called "sections") that can be converted into mass and then in bed. Very practical solution for those who live in studio to convert a bedroom into the living room.

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