Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wall Transformer for brevity

The transformer on the wall to save space
When you want to point out the invalidity of some of the facts, then we say that they are taken from the ceiling. But Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus designers created a suite of furniture, walls Flatform transformer 322, which will be taken ... with the wall. Or rather, to a certain time he will be part of the wall. As long as you do not need a chair, a table, shelf or lamp, and then all of this together.

The transformer on the wall to save space.
What is the point to keep in the room overall table, chair and other furniture which, when used occasionally? Especially when it comes to small apartments of Soviet construction, where a barely read, let alone with a table in the room can not turn at all.

transformer wall to save space.
That in order to save space in the room, designer Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus and created mobile Flatform 322. Its base is made of metal and plastic, and the outside front of the room, made of recycled cardboard.

The transformer on the wall to save space.
From the outside this is easy to make a table, a chair and some shelves. Within this headset is built the clock and lighting the lamp. A few seconds will need a series of unusual furniture, get in "operational readiness." And a few seconds to put everything in place.

Wall Transformer for brevity
Something like we saw so long ago in the pages of our site. But there was a kitchen, and, as a strong, stationary materials. And, because it seemed very controversial and impractical.
Of course, the board - is not very strong material that is easily broken, torn. That's why the outer part 322 and the fact Flatform removable and replaceable. Cost of the replacement part will be a hundredth of a carton.
Wall Transformer for brevity
It 'hard to say what a more Flatform 322 - practicality and impracticality. Every man must decide for himself if he needed furniture, space saving, or not.

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