Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Practical set of folding furniture

This practical and attractive idea may be useful for people seeking to achieve
maximum economy and versatility in its undersized apartment. Folding table and bench to it made by the Slovenian company "FPTrgovina" are easy to install and use and impressive appearance.
Attached to wooden wall abstract elements with a flick of his hand turned into a comfortable kitchen, where you can drink a cup of coffee, have lunch, to work with your laptop or draw. And when your need for a comfortable place is satisfied can return the original furnishings and a situation in which it takes only 4 inches from the confined space of the small house and leaves you space for other activities.

The kit is manufactured in several variants of colors, which makes possible its adaptation to different interiors - both modern and conservative. To set can be seen as part of a comprehensive plan, required little effort on its entry in the concrete interior solution.
Compact invention is applicable for the narrow kitchen-laboratory, and for shaping the workplace in the bedroom. With the success can be exploited and in the villa building from one side to save space, the other not to unnecessarily burden the budget for furniture.

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