Thursday, July 21, 2011

The new sliding doors to save space

In a house that has more importance is the space, to earn one of the best ways is to remove the hinged door that necessarily takes away space for additional furniture until. In this regard we present the new door hardware Johnston who invented the door hardware, the sliding door. This new door saves space in your home and offer a room that is more functional and spacious.
How does the hardware port, not to be confused with pocket doors that slide into a wall, their system is known as track-and-roller, that is the system that attaches directly to the wall, with easy installation and a Quick and easy operation. The series that allows this type of mounting hardware 200 is the 2610F. This mounting system is ideal for walls made of brick or concrete block, wood or framed for the walls that contain pipes or electrical cables that make it difficult and costly installation of traditional pocket doors and also for those looking for a new door for a big change at home, but with minimal effort.

The door hardware saves valuable space: Unlike a normal hinged door that requires 1 to 3 square feet to open a door fitted with the series 2610F 200WM or hardware occupies a little more than the thickness of the door . This will make it possible to furnish the space previously occupied by the door with chairs, tables or desks placing them next to the door without interfering with the operation of the door.
It 'easy to follow installation instructions, so much easier to not even need to have a professional installer. But the door hardware is the answer to the complete restoration of the space, so much so that you can imagine the many possibilities that we now have, both for the design and decor of your home that does not suffer from difficulties in the area, but especially for children's rooms that will also benefit of space to roam, play, or even make mobile games directly next to the doors. The new door is the answer to the functionality of your rooms.

Johnston Hardware has developed creative solutions for the interior of your home. It takes little to understand how many rooms and how many spaces can benefit from inside your home. Bathrooms, kitchens, halls, closets, storage / closets, garage entrances, game rooms and home offices are all sectors that could benefit from it. With imagination and creativity can be made and put on the market for doors that reduce the difficulties for the disabled. Try it for yourself to consider the doors of Johnston Hardware, you'll find a lot more room for new furniture solutions.

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